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This time, the show are a tribute to the fans of Kirby and Pokémon. The reference to Kirby is the most interesting: it is the boss called Computer Virus (mentioned by Shy Guy The Yellow 8: "What's it? Computer Virus?") Which is fought by Kirby in a battle system in RPG, too, in order battle against Computer Virus, Kirby wins numerous power-ups. Check out the show bolice of Shy Guys most brilliant of SG Land


  • SGY:Hi Boby , what you got?
  • Boby:Well, it says here: "A sweet packed with energy, increases the status of Pokémon by 1 point."
  • SGY:waitin for What...let me eat
  • SGY:Ok?
  • Boby:Glup! 
  • Narrator:was elevated to lv.45
  • Boby:What fuck?
  • Narrator:you earned 5 pts of cuteness!
  • Narrator:you earned 1 pts friendship!
  • Boby:FUCK?
  • Narrator:ou earned 45 pts Bobynality
  • Boby:SGY press B.

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