this episode will be a small tribute to Ace Attorney

Ace Yellow

  • Boby:Oh god!
  • Larry:Your Honor, our dear boby was eating the living beings
  • Carus:Order! 
  • Boby:Larry this must be a mistake
  • Lory:I know why you're here why?
  • Boby:That does not matter to you you son of a cow
  • Lory:I hope not say the same fucking others
  • Boby:You do not need to be sad, because you're looking at me like
  • Carus:let's start the trial, our dear bob was eating the living beings
  • Boby:Larry help!
  • Larry:sorry!
  • Carus:Let's call your lawyer
  • Boby:My la...wyer?
  • Carus:Yes!
  • Boby:WHO?
  • Carus:CALL IT!
  • the sound starts playing
  • IS SGY!
  • All guys:OH GOD!
  • Boby:WHATS!
  • SGY:I'm sorry for arriving so late, you did not know What did was a penis
  • SGY:I see that you two are alive and boby and lory.
  • Boby:Yeah!
  • Lory:Shut up ass yellow
  • Lory:Ass Yellow I'll give you a warm welcome!
  • SGY:Shut up its failure!
  • This sound starts playing and the crowd goes wild
  • Lory:you called me a loser?
  • SGY:That's right!
  • Lory:In a hurry to die?
  • SGY:Try your luck
  • Lory:Miserable!
  • SGY:His mother is a bitch like you
  • Lory:cretin!
  • SGY:useless
  • Lory:Son of a bitch!
  • SGY:you son of a dairy cow
  • Lory:Fuck you!
  • SGY:Penis
  • Lory:Banana
  • SGY and Lory:sure...
  • Boby:I admire more shit than you
  • Carus:Who is Reggie
  • SGY:?
  • Lory:?
  • Larry:?
  • Boby:er...?
  • Green Shy Guy:Guys!
  • All:Whats?
  • Green Shy Guy:I REGGIE
  • OH GOD!
  • All:!

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