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SGY Back!

  • More Stupid
  • More cool!
  • More Seasons!

Enjoy the season 2!


  • SGY:In short, I was traveling and I was away a few weeks
  • Boby:Because you're an idiot
  • Boby:OH no bro!
  • SGY:Why?
  • Boby:the girl!
  • Boby:I like kids!
  • SGY:Very easy!
  • Boby:why are you so quiet that way?,Will bring to us a child care
  • SGY:Relax, it'll be the most fun, imagine us playing,running and stumbling in Play Shys
  • Boby:oops, you're leaving me wanting more calm or more angry
  • Boby:Tip?
  • SGY:Yeah! ( Cat catches mask and ponytail)
  • Boby:NO
  • SGY:Yes!
  • Boby:NO
  • SGY:YES!
  • Boby:NO
  • SGY:NO!
  • Boby:YeS...OH SHIT
  • Boby:sure this shit will work?
  • SGY:No..but my mother said when I was little was always crying, she put that shit and I left happy.
  • Boby:WOW!
  • SGY:worked until I was 15 years
  • Boby:fine!

(Bells rings)

  • Boby:Ready!
  • SGY:Put that shit!
  • Boby:and you?
  • SGY:I manage

(they open the door)

  • Boby:BUAAA....
  • Boby:humf...
  • Nicole Paty:My name is patricia but call me nick,HEYwhen I'm talking about look at my eyes and not my big breasts
  • Boby: I thought it was a child!
  • SGY:Have I ever told you were a child?
  • Nick:Hello
  • SGY:My bed is yours and I too!
  • Boby:LOL
  • Nick:Boby define me in one word?
  • Boby:...Cool!
  • Nick:And you SGY?
  • SGY:Sexy as fuck,oops were 3 then I get FUCKING

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