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Is serie created by SGY.


  • Shy Guy the Yellow:a yellow shy guy very silly, he likes truffles (horse poo)
  • Boby:a blue shy guy very serious,he likes "books" (Play Shys)
  • Gary:A guy very silly, like candy guns.He says every time "YOUR EAT"
  • Borys :He is strong everyone except for SGY

Voice Actors of English Version

  • SGY Voiced by Ryan Drummond
  • Boby Voiced by J.G. Quintel 
  • Gary Voiced by Roger Craig Smith
  • Borys Voiced by Kenny W.James
  • Shy Girl Purple Voiced by Olivia Olson
  • Death Voiced by Kirk Thornton
  • Larry Voiced by  Dan Green
  • Dark Guy Voiced by Quinton Flynn
  • Alex J.Malerd Voiced by James Arnold Taylor
  • James Voiced by Josh Keaton 

Voice Actors of Brazil Version

  • SGY Voiced by Gabriel Ferreira:The creator of serie.
  • Boby Voiced by Sergio Stern
  • Gary Voiced by Charles Emannuel
  • Borys Voiced by Peterson Adriano
  • Shy Girl Purple Voiced by Adriana Torres
  • Death Voiced by Luis Carlos Persy 
  • Larry Voiced by Raphael Rossatto
  • Dark Guy Voiced by Alfredo Rollo
  • Alex J.Malerd Voiced by Jorge Vasconcelos
  • James Voiced by Marcelo Garcia 


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Special Episodes


Censored Scenes

  • In Brazil cut many parts of the show
    • Brazil version,not have the quotes "Shit" and "Bikinis Girls"
    • Another thing is the children who attend
  • SGY is one of main characters of Locky & SGY


Intro(Season 1)

Sonido Bomba nuclear Song Nuclear Bomb03:48

Sonido Bomba nuclear Song Nuclear Bomb

Intro(Season 2)

Sonic Adventure 2 - Main Riff (Title Theme)00:23

Sonic Adventure 2 - Main Riff (Title Theme)

Intro (Season 3)

The Small Faces - Ogdens Nut Flake04:11

The Small Faces - Ogdens Nut Flake


The Big Laugh - Jürgen Schlachter-000:31

The Big Laugh - Jürgen Schlachter-0



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