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The end of series!

The End

  • SGY:Yeah look the sunset!
  • Boby:Look cools!
  • Gary:Yeah!
  • Borys:Yes!

All are seated

  • Boby:I have bad news
  • All:Whats?
  • Boby:I won a place at college and I'm leaving, sad huh?
  • SGY:No plz1
  • Boby:Sorry
  • Borys:I have too
  • All:Oh no!
  • Borys:I'm going to live near the house of my parents even more friends
  • SGY:so I'm losing my friends! (he starts crying)
  • Gary:Dude I 'll stay
  • SGY:Thanks!
  • SGY:but my passion might go away
  • Gary:Most of you were not even dating?
  • SGY:Yeah! (crying, a tear falls down)
  • SGY:never had the courage to speak about her love! (A rose falls to the ground)
  • Shy Girl Purple:so you like me?
  • SGY:err..sorry.I sorr...
  • Shy Girl Purple:Shy!
  • SGY:?
  • She gives him a kiss and walks away
  • Shy Girl Purple:I love you!
  • SGY:Than...ks!
  • Gary:I need food
  • SGY.Me...too!
  • The End


Madeon - Finale (Netsky Remix)04:54

Madeon - Finale (Netsky Remix)

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