To celebrate the debut of the series Shy Guy, the Yellow in the Fantendo, we prepared three pages showing the first steps of creatures more fun to SG Land.

SGY and Boby

  • SGY :HI!
  • Boby :hello, strange bathroom is over there.
  • SGY :LOL,I wanted to know where is the house of  bikinis girls ?
  • Boby :Cool!
  • SGY :HI,my name is Shy Guy the Yellow.
  • Boby :My name is Boby.
  • SGY :Your name is Bobbies?
  • Boby :No shit,is Boby
  • SGY :Ok,Bop!
  • Boby : ...


  • Boby :'re doing WHAT, SGY?
  • SGY : eating truffles
  • Boby :Truffles?
  • SGY :Yes!
  • Boby :There are truffles are horse poop.
  • SGY :Still delicious


  • SGY :HI Boby!
  • Boby :hi...
  • SGY :Wants to jump me?
  • Boby :I will not do shit, will think I'm crazy
  • SGY :Come Boby, it's fun!
  • Boby :Okay, SGY,'ll skip once!
  • Boby :I racked my brain
  • SGY : How lucky, you found a hidden block!!!!!!
  • Boby :Luck?, I ate jackfruit it!
  • SGY :At least won a coin?

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