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Shy Guy Yellow U, or Shy Guy Yellow: Under Fire, is a game made for the Wii U by Icy Cold Gaming Industries, Nintendo, and Shy Guy Yellow. It is rated T For Teen, and is the first SGY game to feature the new Stack Up Ability.

The game has full voice acting, and is planned to have a sequel for ICGI's Firedisk console.


Shy Guy Yellow and his friends are partying in SGY's House Of Bikini Girls, when a knock is heard. The four heroes go outside, only to find Couy and his Douche-Bag Machine teleporting the HOBG away. SGY is furious, so his friends decide to go across different trippy-ass worlds and get it back!

Major Characters

  • SGY: The main hero! He'll do anything for his House Of Bikini Girls...and the girls...and the bikini's
  • Boby: SGY's friend. He loves his "Books!"...which are in The House Of Bikini Girls...which Couy stole.
  • Gary: Another buddy joins SGY! His Candy-Guns will make sure to "stay sweet as can be!"
  • Boris: The Fist O' Pain is here! Let's just say this: he'll hang your head if you don't listen to him.
  • Couy The Cock: The main enemy. He wants revenge, so he stole the HOBG!


  1. Assle Field: The first world! These cannons have some serious balls if they wanna shoot Butt-Bombs!
  2. Bomb Castle: The Castle where Couy Clone 1 lies. Guarded with Barneyzilla Soldiers, no one has ever made it through!
  3. The Guile Theme STREET:The street with song and the boss is Poop General  

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