the game starts off as a peaceful day in shyville until a lighted toxic guy causes a nuclear explosion that mutates all of shy guys all over the village fortunately though the shy guys who were in the castle got kiddnaped by anti guy just before no guy set of the toxic guy.

Luckily while the shy guys were in the cage some toxic from toxic guy spilt on a shy guy setting him on fire. After he burns the cage down the shy guys are free to save the day.

The gang confront a jungle filled with mutated shy guys. so the squad (red green & dark) go through the jungle to defeat anti guy and his gang (anti guy no guy & dark striker guy). when the gang reaches the end of the jungle they confront pirahna guy, amutated shy guy. It then goes dark, but when pyro guy comes he lights it up, but they find themselves surrounded by tiki and tribe guys then pirahna guy challenges them to a boss battle. when the shy guy squad wins pirahna guy then rushes away revealing the exit.

Then they find out that the castle members gets kiddnapped so they all run along to to mecha world.where they then advance through to find out that pyroguy is right in front of them gagged and on a chair with no guy standing next to him no guy then chalenges them to a boss battle. a group of amp guys aids no guy in the battle. When no guy is defeated pyro guy is freed and is told to return to the castle, whilest no guy manages to escape. revealin a conyayor belt which leads to the exit. on the way out the find a castle which belongs to anti guy. So the squad rushes towards the castle.

Meanwhile a huge figure heds up to no guy and helps him revive. the huge figure is named wierd guy. The strange shy guy goins the anti team.

when the shy guys advance through the icy castle anti guy is in there and holding posh guy hostage so the shy guys once again have a boss battle antig guy jumps upon to a slippery surface. the aim of the boss battle is to knock him off by throwing icicle guys at him. Then after the battle anti guy slips out of the castle and lands in no guys pod. Posh guy then becomes free but refuses to go back to the castle and after a long arguement they agree that posh guy can help them on thier journey. they then set off to find the shy guy striker team.

when they reach the striker field it is deserted and the only thing in front of them is the exit, until they all get ambushed by the anti versions of the strikers plus a group of wrench guys who take down the squad. but posh guy alone decides to battle the team. after the anti team has been defeated they turn back to thier original form they agree that it is best that they go back to the castle.

In the background they then see no guy jump in the ocean with boo guy so the squad and posh guy jump in the ocean after him. they see no guy swim into a tunnel when they have followed no guy out of the tunnel they appear in a watery arena with no guy stood with some water fall guys the aim of this is to grab a mirror and reflect all of the waterfall guys attacks and hit no guy with them. when the quad wins no guys pod comes and kiddnaps boo guy again it then smashes a hole into the arena revealing land so the squad chases the pod.

They then run into a stairway that leads to the clouds so they chase after the pod from the clouds hoping to jump on the pod from above they then run in to lakitu guy that challanges them to a battle they are aided by magiguys when you win the lakitu guy then hits them of the edge of the clouds into a haunted mansion.

when they crash through the roof boo guy starts to attack them. when boo guy stops he then blocks the exit and challenges them to a battle when you win anti boo guy then reveals the exit boo guy is then told to go back to the castle and so tey headon with thier adventure.

The heros then endup walking up a volcano and who do they find, they no guy attacking stilt guy so the heros get so angry they challenge no guy to a battle the aim of this battle is to knock no guy into the volcano by throwing bomb guys at him. when you win stilt guy is freed and told to stay in the castle. but this time when no guy flys off in the pod the heros grab on. but not for long because pod spins and flings them into a forest.

When they crash land in a forest they land on wiggler guy who becomes angry and because of that a battle starts. the aim of the battle is to dodge the beetle guys shells and rebound them back at him. when you win you carry on until wiggler guy challenges you again which has the same aims exept this time dodge the spiny guys. when you win wiggler guy is KOed and you are free to carry on.

They then encounter wierd guy carrying shrrif guy around but all of a sudden every thing turns topsy-turvy and at that moment wierd guy challenges you to a battle he is aided by hammer guys the aim is to rebound the hammer by using a trampoline.when you win sherrif guy is freed and told to stay at the castle. a path leading to a desert.

When they enter tey see 4 pokey guys just standing there then the no guy pod lands on them as a support the no guy pod then gets challenged for a battle. the aim of this battle is to knock the shy guys over and then attack the pod. when you winthe pod tips over and explodes blasting the heros into the final land.

The final land is filled with nothing but the strongest mutated shy guys when they confront master anti guy and fight for the finish. the aim of the battle is to catch king guys crown and throw it at anti guy. when you finish you restore peace and harmony to the entire shyworld plus a bonus of unlocking the x land.

x land defeat every enemy also home to snufit.

playable characters:




posh guy

non playable:

king guy

pyro guy

sherrif guy

boo guy

stilt guy

evil characters:

anti guy

no guy + pod

pirahna guy

lakitu guy

wierd guy


w1 jungle

w2 mecha world

w3 ice castle

w4 striker field

w5 water world

w6 flying world

w7 haunted house

w8 volcano

w9 forest

w10 wierd world

w11 desert

w12 final land

wx x land


wii horizontal

a = jump


left & right = move

down= crouch

wii nunchuck


anolog= move




control pad <- -> = move

down= crouch

a= jump

b= attack


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