Shy Guy's Island is a game for Wii U.


Bowser and his army invaded Yoshi's Island. They destroyed it and captured all the babies. A few Shy Guys and a few Yoshis managed to escape to Shy Guy's Island. The others being captured. The Yoshis and Shy Guys could only team up. So thus the adventure started.

Playable Characters

Picture Yoshi

Red Shy Guy can jump higher then the others.

Shyguy - Red
He also runs faster.

But his Yoshis flutter slower.


Green Shy Guy has normal speed and jumping hight.

Shyguy - Green
His Yoshi also flutters higher and faster.

Yellow Shy Guy's Yoshi can spawn springs to hop on. He can only spawn one while in the air.

Sense he jumps so low he must use springs. He runs normal and flutters normal.

Unlike most Yoshi's Island games you may pick what Yoshi Color you use. Along with the Shy Guy color to.


Shy Plains

To start off with the game you must go through a tutorial level. Showing how to kill, and eat enemies. Along with throwing eggs. The Shy Guys who did not escape Yoshi's Island think the three hero Shy Guys betrayed them. So Shy Guys are a enemy. Afterwards you contiune through a few basic levels. You then get to a Fortress. You will fight agiants Shy Guy Car. Basicly Kamek, Anti Guy, and a few Shy Guys in the back throwing bombs. To defeat them you must eat and spit back bombs. Or throw eggs. Once hit 4 times the car crashes into a wall and Kamek teleports away along with the other foes.

After a few harder levels from fighting new enemies you arive at the first Castle. The Boss fight is Goomboss. You must throw eggs at him trying to knock him into the lava. Once knocked into the lava he explodes.

Disaster Dryed Land

The real test begins here. Go through puzzled prymaids, and deadly lava using Shy Guy's powers. Once completed two levels you can go to a Desert Prymaid Fortress. You have you're first duel with Anti Guy here.

Anti Guy 1 Cutscene:

Anti Guy: 'Hahahah! I've been waiting for a good challange. I have not had one sense I was in that toy box guarding the chest..Hope you can put up a fight!'

Once defeating him Anti Guy jumps into a pipe escaping. You go through a few more levels. You reach Anti Tower then.

Anti Guy 2 Cutscene:

Kamek: 'Alright Anti Guy. This time you can win with my magic!'

Kamek flys over Anti Guy turning him bigger.

Anti Guy: 'Hmph. Now I can smash them!'

Anti Guy can now jump around fastly and throw Bob-Ombs. Once you hit him 6 times he turns small and explodes.

World 2 End Cutscene:

Anti Guy: 'Heheheh. Faking my death to them was the perfect plan!'

Kamek: 'Well.. It is time to destroy the-

Bowser Jr: 'No! I'l handle them now!'

Kamek: 'Fine...'

Ice Islands

A frosty land of deadly waters..Ice Water is insta KO like lava. You can find Blue Cheep Cheeps that are very strong.

The storyline starts to go mainly from here.

World 3 Start Cutscene:

Red Shy Guy: Are we there yet?

Red Shy Guy is riding on Green Yoshi.

Green Yoshi: Yoshi! Yoshi! (Almost!)

Yellow Shy Guy is walking behind them.

Yellow Shy Guy: What is he saying?

The heroes fall through a giant hole in the ground that appeared under them.

Green Shy Guy: Woah! Should we help them?

Yellow Yoshi: Yoshi! (Ya think?)

Yellow Yoshi kicks Green Shy Guy down and jumps down.

You must go through some icy cave stages. Once out you find the Ice Tower. Being the Fortress of the 3rd World. The boss of it is Bowser Jr. You then go through a few more stages and find the Haunted Ice Floating Castle. You then face off with King Boo.

World 3 End Cutscene: 

The Castle comes crashing down while breaking.

Purple Yoshi: Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi! (Get out guys! I'l try to stop the falling.)

Green Shy Guy: Yoshi Yoshi! (I'l help!)

Yellow Shy Guy: You speak Yoshi?

Red Yoshi runs by grabing the Red and Yellow Shy Guys.

Everyone escaped the castle. Then it breaks in half and crashes into the ground.

At Bowser's Flying Castle of Darkness:

Bowser: Ugh! The Yoshis and Shy Guys are almost at are castle!

Kamek: Alright I'm done using my magic to help you're weak minions! I'm gonna smash them myself!

Anti Guy: Suuure.. I'l stop them at my Flying Fortress. You don't wanna get you're skirt dirty..

Kamek: Why you...! I'M NOT A GIRL!

Anti Guy: Heheh. Let the real fighters do this.

Anti Guy walks away leaving Kamek mad on Anti Guy thinking he is a girl.

Sky Storms

World 4 Intro Cutscene:

Dark Blue Yoshi is flying the three Shy Guys on his back.

Dark Blue Yoshi: You sure this is the best way?

Red Shy Guy: Sure...

Anti Guy looks through window of his Flying Tower..

Kamek waits for the heroes to arive at his castle.

Green Yoshi is standing on a cloud.

Green Yoshi: 'The final battle is near.. '

In the 2nd stage you must fly round on Yoshis with wings. You must eat foes and throw eggs. Once reached Anti Guy's Flying Tower you must use Yoshi's wings to fly through parts of it. Along with going through courses of spikes and lava.

World 4 Boss 1 Cutscene:

Anti Guy: 'About time you came along!'

Shy Guy: 'You're going down!'

Yoshi: 'Yoshi! (Will end you!)'

Once defeated Anti Guy he will atempt to escape but explode.

World 4 3rd Cutscene:

Pink Yoshi is carrying Anti Guy on his back.

Anti Guy: 'Urk..How..Did...I..Lo...-'

Pink Yoshi then throws Anti Guy off the clouds like he was a egg.

You must go through a few more very hard levels knowing, you would reaach Kamek's Castle. Then Bowser's Kingdom..

World 4 Boss 2 Cutscene:

Kamek: 'I've had it with you!'

Shy Guy: 'I've had it with you to!'

Yoshi: 'Yoshi Yoshi (Can we just battle already?!)'

World 4 Ending Cutscene:

Bowser: ...It is time...

Bowser's Boss Lands

Bowser's Boss Lands is only one stage. Bowser's Boss Rush Castle. You must refight every Boss Fight. Execpt.

Shy Guy Car is replaced by Big Bob-Omb. Anti Guy 1 2 and 3 are replaced by Giant Pirhana, Petey Pirhana, and Para Goomboss. Bowser Jr is replaced by Giant Dry Bones. Kamek is replaced by Kammy. Once defeated Kammy you get you're last battle then begins..

World 5 Boss Cutscene:

Bowser: '...You...'

Shy Guy: 'You!'

Yoshi: 'Yoshi! (You!)'

Shy Guy: 'Bring it on!'

Bowser: 'Bwahahaha!'

After a long and hard battle with Bowser the game then ends..

Ending Cutscene 1:

Yoshi's Island was revived near Shy Guy's Island.

Green Yoshi: Yoshi Yoshi. (So back to being enemies?)

Red Shy Guy: You bet!

The Shy Guy army and Yoshi army jump at eachother.

Ending Cutscene 2:

Bowser: Urk...Re..Ve..

The balcony of Bowser's Castle breaks with Bowser on it.

Bowser: WARGH!!!!

Kamek: I'

Kamek faints KOed.

The credits then come on.

Usable Yoshis

  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Pink
  • Dark Green (New)
  • Black (After beating game)
  • White (After beating game)

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