Current Age 19
Gender Male
Location Hail City
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Goalie Stick

Shutout is a Dry Bones and the best friend of Slapshot Koopa. He is more friendly than Slapshot, but still shows a strong dislike for Hat Trick. Where Slapshot uses a hockey puck and hockey stick in his combat activities, Shutout using his goalie gear and much bigger goalie stick. Because of the way he plays on the Hail City Boulevard, he has earned the nickname "Greaser". He is a Dry Bones with indigo goalie pads, glove, blocker, helmet, and a Hail City Boulevard jersey. He also wields a white goalie stick.

Powers & Abilities

Shutout has the ability to withstand incredibly powerful blows thanks to his goalie gear. He can also deflect projectiles and defend against upfront attacks with his blocker and can absorb energy attacks with his glove. He also has a strong headbutt and can make his pads grow to incredible sizes to block attacks or push enemies. He can also wield a powerful goalie stick.