The fifth boss of Okami 3 (name subject to change). A mighty two legged red oni that leads the demon army after being released from the underworld. He appears red and around 8 feet tall, wearing a mask, and he wields an oversized gourd over his shoulder. He seeks to satiate his appetite on the world's innocent beings. He also seeks to discover the fallen celestial gods and devour them. Among his army, he seems to value Ibaraki Doji. In combat, he wields impressive knowledge in martial arts, and can swing the gourd around hard enough to crack iron. When in a pinch, he can grow twenty times his normal size.

Boss Battle


  • Attacks small
Name Description Damage/effects
Kick combo Quickly swings his feet in front of him, sweeping the ground in front, swinging a foot around his midsection, then kicking from the ground to above his head. The two swings do half a unit of damage each, and his final strike deals a unit of damage.
Flying kick Flies forward, foot first, at Kuni. Usually does this when Kuni's a fair distance from him. Deals a unit of damage.
Gourd swing combo Grabs the rope holding his gourd and swings it right to left, then left to right, then slams it overhead. Can stop combo short. The side swipes deal 1 unit of damage, and the ending strike deals 2 units of damage.
Mist Uncorks his gourd and swings it in a circle around him. It generates a veil of mist around where he stands. The mist can be dispelled with galestorm, or you can use veil of mist to slow down everything else and even things out. The mist doesn't deal damage itself, but contact with it slows Kuni down.
Gourd throw Throws gourd forward, it emitting a red hue. Kuni can power slash this at Shuten Doji to stun him. Deals 1 unit of damage on impact.
Ink drain cloud Summons up a purple flame that has its own life bar. Can produce 2 clouds when he becomes small a second time. Gradually drains your divine ink while it's alive.
  • Attacks big
Name Description Damage/effects
Sweep Quickly swipes the hand not holding his gourd across the platform, trying to strike you. He sweeps across the entire platform. Deals a unit of damage.
Punch Reels back his free hand, then thrusts it at Kuni quickly. Recommended you use veil of mist to slow down his attack. Deals a unit of damage.
Ice cloud Summons up a cloud of ice in the air. Can be dispelled with fire. Set up for another attack
Blow He takes a deep breath, then blows at Kuni. Can be countered with galestorm. If not dealt with properly, Kuni could be blown of the edge and suffer pit damage.
Icy blow Inhales ice cloudd, then blows, sweeping a freezing blast of breath across the arena. You can create a safe path by spreading a line of fire across the ice. Initial attack deals half a unit of damage and results in freezing. Also covers most of the platform in ice.
Gourd swing Swings gourd around three times. Covers entire arena, but there is a safe spot towards the knot around the gourd. Recommended you use veil of mist to move into position. Each sweep deals 2 units of damage.
Block Quickly throws his arm in front of him, blocking any physical attacks in coming. Used to set up other attacks. Physical attacks result in staggering Kuni.
  • New Small Attacks
Name Description Damage/effects
Ice Cloud Creates a cloud of ice. Can be dispelled with fire. Doesn't do damage itself
Gourd Throw Feint Looks similar to the gourd throw, except it glow blue instead of red. Power slashing it results in a counter attack. Without counter leads to half a unit of damage. Counter results in one unit of damage.
Fan Spin Spins the gourd in front of him like a fan, generating wind. If a cloud of ice comes in contact with it, a stream of freezing ice shoots forward. The wind can be dispelled with galestorm. Contact with the gourd itself deal half a unit of damage, and the fan itself generates wind that tries to push Kuni to the edge of the platform. The ice freezes and deals half a unit of damage, while freezing the area in front of Shuten Doji.
Rapid Spin Attack He starts be twisting his hips to the side, before spinning around at rapid speeds, attempting to smash the spinning gourd into Kuni. Each Strike deals a unit of damage.


  • techniques necessary: fire, power slash, veil of mist, galestorm

Kuni makes it to a wooden square platform, torches on each corner, on top of Mount Ooe, where snow is blowing around at high speeds. At the center, Shuten Doji is standing, arms crossed, by the time Kuni arrives. He holds his gourd over his shoulder and assumes a fighting stance.

  • Strategy

Shuten Doji's fast, he tries to overwhelm you with speed and tries drain your divine ink. Just watch his movements carefully and counter when necessary. After draining his health, a cutscene plays where he, clutching his chest, falls of the edge of the wooden platform. Kuni and Sanmomme agree that this seems too easy, and stare down at where he fell. Suddenly, his mask flies out of the pit, landing on the platform with the strap broken. Suddenly, what looks like Shuten Doji's hand, except larger, reaches up to the platform, pulling up the rest of the leader demon, proclaiming that you two are the only mortals to earn his ire.

  • Big

Besides his punch (which has long charge up time) and block, each attack can be seen coming fairly easily. However, they cover a ton of space. Any attack against his skin just deflects off of his body. His only weak spots are his eyes. They are susceptible to brush techniques and he frequently leaves himself low enough for a few air combos or bow strikes to hit. They each have their own life bar. After depleting each of their health, Shuten Doji covers his eyes with his arm, writhing in pain. Meanwhile, the Lucky Mallet hops over to the demon, practically begging Kuni to use it. If for some reason you don't go up to it, Shuten Doji's eyes will regain their health, forcing you to repeat the big part of the fight. Go up to it, and Shuten Doji shrinks down to the size he was before, meaning he's susceptible to you. Unfortunately, Kuni senses that his body is rejecting the mallet's magic, meaning he'll grow back to normal size in a while.

  • Small Again

When he shrinks, he's temporarily stunned. Use this moment to deal as much damage to him as possible. When he shakes it off, he goes on the offensive again. After a while, Shuten Doji rejects the mallet's magic, growing back to his huge size. His eyes now have half as much health as before, and his shrunken form retains the damage he took from before he grew back. Your goal is to take down all of Shuten Doji's health when he's shrunken. After defeating him, you earn a life unit.

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