Shroomy: The Game
Developer(s) Black Diamond Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Single Player Adventure, Minigames
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2-D Platformer
Media Included DS Game Cartridge

Shroomy: The Game is the first game staring Shroomy as the main character. It is a platformer with a very warped sense of humor, spoofing many other platform games.



The game's main character, he simply wants to get rid of Code before anyone notices the trouble with the system.


The game's main antagonist, Code is a computer virus inadvertantly created by Shroomy.


A female program similar in personallity and appearence to Starlow from Bowser's Inside Story. She travels with Shroomy through the system, giving him tips and talking with him.


Shroomy is messing with the code for one of Black Diamond's games, and he accidentally creates a computer virus called Code. This virus enters the CATEGORIES and starts to devour the data, and Shroomy must enter the computer system and stop him.


The entire game takes place inside a computer system, the CATEGORIES, excluding the final world.

The Datalands

A grassland similar to the famous World 1-1. It is inhabited by Goombas and Koopas, as well as other Mario enemies. There is also a castle very similar to Bowser's Castle, but it is inhabited by Code. This land is also the home of the .shrm files. It spoofthe Mario series.

Program Hill

Unlike the other worlds, this one is divided into three "zones", which are larger than a ragular level and also feature different paths. It is a green area with robotic enemies. The robotic enemies have cute animals inside.

Program Man's Stage

A large computer system ruled by the robot Program Man. It spoofs Mega Man.

Creepy Crypt

A decrepit castle with computer vampires. It spoofs Castlvania.

Recycle Bin

A stage featuring beta elements that were scrapped from the rest of the game.

Computer Core

The computer's central memory base.

Fan City

Code escapes into th real world, and absorbs a bunch of data, becoming Code 0, a massive dragon-like creature. He then perches on top of Fantendo Castle, and Shroomy must go to the castle and defeat Code.


The gameplay is similar to New Super Mario Bros.


A- Jump

B- Use weapon

Control Pad- Left or right to move, down to crouch


The game uses power-ups similar to SMB. They are obtained from ? Blocks.

Super Mushroom- Replenishes half of health

1 Up Mushroom- One extra life

Laser Flower- Allows Shroomy to shoot a laser

Super Shoes- Makes Shroomy run fast

References to Other Games

The game makes fun of many other platforming games, such as the Mario and Sonic series, as well as others. This is a list of references:

  • In the very first level, Shroomy hits a ? Block, and a Mushroom pops out. He asks Data what he is supposed to do with it, and she tells him to eat it, to which he responds "Eat it!? Do I look like a canibal?"
  • At the end ofthe first level, Shroomy jumps onto the flagpole ala SMB, but instead of sliding down, the pole falls down and crashes into the little fortress.
  • In Program Hill, the first time Shroomy kills a robot and a bunny pops out, Shroomy freaks out.
  • In Program Man's Stage, Data remarks that "Despite what he looks like, Program Man is not a robot master."
  • Many other references.