Shrooz and Multi-Purpose Arm-Cannon STFW
Shroob: The Foreign Warrior is an RPG for the DS and is the first game in the Koopa Warriors series. In this game, a Shroob named Shrooz tries to assemble the last of the shroobs to attack the planet that doomed his own.  Shrooz cannot do this alone however, he will need to raise an army of the other survivors of his planet in order to win the war.  



One night, Shrooz was walking through Cyprus Town.  When all the clouds passed, Shrooz had a perfect view of the starry night sky, the moon, and his home planet.  Shrooz stopped in his tracks when he saw his shriveled, crumpling, devestated planet.  Shrooz turned around and looked the other way, but saw the planet that doomed his own.  Shrooz got angry, and he ran back to toad town.  Shrooz woke up Toadiko to tell her that he was leaving.  After he said goodbye to Toadiko, Shrooz got his suped-up Shroob UFO and took off into the sky.

On te way to his home planet, Shrooz ran into the some of the people who destroyed his planet.  They are known as Apooks.  Shrooz gets mad and uses his multi-purpose arm-cannon on the space ships of the Apooks.  The Apooks jump from their ships to Shrooz', and thus begins the first battle (explained by memories of Toadiko).  Shrooz defeats the Apooks, but knows that there's more out there.  Shrooz then lands on his home planet, which the Apooks have named, "Planet Shroob".

Chapter 1 - The First Survivor

Shrooz exits his ship and takes a look around. Shrooz finds his home town and Princess Shroob's old castle. He walks inside and finds the interiors very dusty and doomed. He takes a look around the castle and finds many Apook warriors guarding the castle. Shrooz defeats them all and finds the research facility, guarded by a humongous Apooks. Shrooz defeats the humongous Apook. Shrooz finds a Shroob inside a glass tube with green liquid. Shrooz destroys the tube and sets the Shroob free. The Shroob introduces herself as Fiora. Just then, an alarm sounds and it says "Alert, alert, a self destruct secure has been initiated, please evacuate!!". Shrooz and Fiora escape just before it explodes, and they get away in Shrooz' Shroob UFO.

Shrooz and Fiora land back in Shrooz' home town, but are confronted by the Apook's minions: The Shrubs. Shrooz and Fiora defeat the Shrubs, then investigate the town. Shrooz and Fiora find a secret bunker full of weapons underneath a Shroob's house. The bunker has a underground tunnel leading to Shroob Castle. TBA

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