Shriomemetchi is Chaosmametchi's most beloved girlfriend, and Kurokizatchi's sister.She has her army of Dark Boos and Pink Boos to make the whole Tamagotchi world into a scary dimention. She tricks the white Boo and the green boo named Amtoni to help scare everyone away. But she is defeated by Ness and Lucas's PK starstorm.


She is one of lords of the Dark Tamagotch army.

Super smash bros. series

She appears in the adventure mode called The Tamagotchi emisarry in Super smash bros. Platformer as a Boss enemy. She and her brother,Kurokizatchi all together sumend all the Boos to attack Chamametchi, Mametchi's baby sister to kiddap her, but Ness and Lucas came to her rescue!