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The Ingame render of the Shrieker
First Appearance Psychological
Related Species
Dead Walkers
The Player's Dreams

Shriekers are enemies which appear in Psychological, mostly in the later dreams. They are known for rallying and gang attacking on the player using their distinct shriek sound. The Shriekers represent the pain during the brainwashing.


Shriekers are somewhat thin, have black skin and rotting teeth. They have blood and some instances of their bones in their torso and are all blind.


Shiekers generally patrol in their area, searching for any bypassing targets. Once it has spotted a victim, the shrieker will scream loudly and will cause any other close-by shriekers to come by and attack.



Shriekers mostly appear in the Mental Asylum scenario, crawling on the walls of the elevator shaft and in the corners of corridoors. Due to the fact that they can easily gang attack the player they are deemed as the most annoying enemies ingame.

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