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Shredder and Cupcake



Art by Exo
Full Name Shredder and Cupcake
Current Age 20 / 17
Date of Birth 24 May / 04 November
Zodiac Sign Gemini / Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Human
Location None; travelers
Align None
Current Status Alive
Element(s) None
Height 5'06" / 6'03"
Weight 129 lbs / 194 lbs
Shredder and Cupcake are the main protagonists of Anarchy!? and are a permanent duo who fight off the forces of Anarchy's supporters. Alongside Bowie, Crymsia, and Syi, they are the mascots of TimeStrike.



Shredder and Cupcake appear together as the game's only playable characters, and fight as a duo. Originally rivals since the latter joined the job industry, they joined up forces only because they had the same goals in mind and couldn't fight on their own, but eventually they became great friends after they started combining their skills with equally great success.


Shredder is a lightly tanned man in a black and white business suit wearing red cleats and a golden headband on his head. His eyes are of a dull expression and red color, and his arms are of rusty cybernetics of the brown color, with hands that have long, sharp white claws. He wears a handbag that contains nothing but black weights.

Cupcake is a tall man wearing armor in the likeliness of Sir Lancelot, but with colors of gold and crimson. His right hand is almost always seen holding a sharp sword, known specifically as the Sugar Sword, which is white and has many colored polka dots on it. His hair is dark brown and is very curly, and it reaches down to the center point of his back. His dark coated mask covers all of his face besides his mouth, which itself is covered by a golden bandanna.


Shredder is basically your average human being, but without real arms as he instead has metallic ones with hands that have very sharp claws that can be used as weapons or as defenses as hitting his arms forms no pain. He also has a pretty high intelligence level thanks to good quality education, and can easily solve minor problems and can pull through more critical situations. As well as all this, he is very sneaky and quiet and functions extremely well as an assassin.

Cupcake is a swordsman whom uses his Sugar Sword, a weapon that can tear through about all soft material with ease. In addition to this, Cupcake can run very fast despite his armor and can block attacks or evade them with much ease. His talents in the medieval field allow him to fight among the ranks of those like the Knights of the Round Table from the fabled "King Arthur" legends. Cupcake is excellent on horseback.


Despite his violent name, Shredder is actually very benevolent and does not wish to fight others in battle, and prefers talking over physical actions. He is very formal and only talks to those who are like him in that manner, barring his friend Cupcake. If fighting is needed, Shredder will discard all this and fight, not holding anything back.

Cupcake is fairly malevolent but he does have a softer side. He prefers to fight over using words, and will always pull out his Sugar Sword when a fight is possible. When fighting, he does so with such fury that the ending result always involves severe wounds or even death. Sometimes he can be difficult to understand as he speaks Middle English in comparison to his friend's modern English.

Relationships with other characters

With each other

At first they really despised one another as rivals, but ever since they combined their skills in combat, they've become great friends.  As a duo, they work extremely well together and are like a solid wall that's difficult to break down.



  • Shredder and Cupcake were intended to have separate pages, but that didn't happen for some reason.
  • Shredder is based off a few old characters from the AoWiki, whilst Cupcake is a reboot of Crimson the Roserade, a character on the AoWiki named Cupcake, and the main protagonist of a lost project; The Final Knight.
  • Shredder is heterosexual whilst Cupcake is homosexual.

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