Shovel Knight 2: Shovels United
Shovel Knight 2 Logo
The Game's Logo and Title Screen
Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) 3DS, WiiU, NX, PC, PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) 2D Platformer, Action, Adventure
Series Shovel Knight
Predecessor Shovel Knight
Successor Shovel Knight 3: Shovelocalypse
 Shovel Knight 2: Shovels United is an upcoming sequeul to the NES style platformer, Shovel Knight. The game once again focuses on Shovel Knight, the Knight clad in Blue with a Shovel as a weapon on a quest to rescue Shield Knight who had been captured by a mysterious fog.


The game functions essentially identically to the original, the player is able to move Shovel Knight, make him perform swipes with his Shovel as well as Jump and perform Downward Strikes. Movement remains slightly slippery as before however Shovel Knight has a slightly higher max jump than before.

Shovel Knight is capable of performing various attacks. His main attacks is his Shovel Swipe, a direct swing of his shovel that can launch or damage enemies as well as dig up treasures and flip levers. In addition to this attack he also has his trusty Pogo Shovel Attack, a powerful downward strike, that allows Shovel Knight to seriously damage enemies as well as jump on certain objects without being hurt, such as toxic bubbles. In addition to these, if the player holds Shovel Knight's Shovel Swipe attack it will build power causing Shovel Knight to glow, and when released will create a shock wave.

Shovel Knight when hit has a slight knockback which must be accomadated for as it can put him at risk of falling off ledges. In addition certain attacks can "carry" Shovel Knight pushing him back even further. Splash Damage will also cause this knockback, so the player must be very aware of their surroundings at all times as some enemies will attack from out of the background.


Approximately 3 years after the events of Shovel Knight, Shovel Knight & Shield Knight have continued adventuring to new lands and exploring mysterious castles, labyrinths, ruins and everything that evil had made its way into. However one day while adventuring through a set of mysterious ruins known as the Blackheart Monastery, the two unearth a mysterious chest. Opening it the unwittingly release a fog that latches onto Shield Knight posessing her, while simultaneously summoning 13 evil Knights, these Knights launch Shovel Knight far away to some fields to the west. To make sure that Shovel Knight doesn't immediately return, the Fog causes and Earthquake creating a giant desert, a mighty river and a colossal mountain range between the Monastery and Shovel Knight.

Now with Shield Knight once again being held captive, Shovel Knight must venture out into the mysterious lands summoned by the Fog and conquer the 13 Knights of the New Order to rescue Shield Knight from the Fog.


SHovel Knight 2 Map

Similar to its predecessor, Shovel Knight 2: Shovels United features a variety of locations including villages, secret levels, places of interest and boss levels. In addition to the aformentioned boss levels there are also mini-boss levels which Shovel Knight must surpass on his way to find Shield Knight, the locations listed below are in order from West to East. (Enlarge for easier to see image) (Note: Bold Indicates Boss location).

Shovel Knight (Blue & Yellow)

  • Flattened Plains - The gentle Green hills in the background forebode the enemies that dwell in these pastures.

Artillery Knight (Green)

Artillery HQ
  • Blackhawk Outpost - An Outpost originally intended to protect the nearby town from Northern invaders, it has since been taken over.
  • Wartorn Wall - An impressive Wall that was built in commemoration of a great warrior, however its defences, once penetrated, fall quickly.
  • Artillery HQ - A Giant behemoth of a Fortress, the Artillery HQ houses many automated weapons making it very difficult to breach.

Serpentine Knight (Lime)

Wyvern Tower
  • Dragon's Pass - This mountain pass surrounded by Desert is home to giant cave-dwelling Dragons, some that are so big that can't exit their caves and thus wait for prey to enter.
  • Skypeak Hold - A Desert Hold, that's original intention was to be a break point for traders going in and out of the desert.
  • Wyvern Tower - This mysterious monolith of the desert is a sight to behold and if it wasn't for the corrupt creatures that run rampent in it, it would be a tourist attraction.

Vile Knight (Dark Blue)

Ancient Swamp
  • Boggy Cave - This cavernous system of tunnels is known for its natural lighting from both sun-lit holes and bioluminous fungi.
  • Bubbling Marsh - This marsh is said to be the origin point for all life in the immediate surrounding area and is known for its incredibly high levels of Oxygen.
  • Ancient Swamp - These ruins that lay buried in the swamp tell the tale of an ancient civilization that was so concerned with time it even predicted its own demise.

Weather Knight (White)

Gate of Cyclones
  • Storm Bridge - A Bridge renowned for its century long storms, each one more intense than the last and some say that the bridge was built by the storms themselves.
  • Sunny Temple - A Temple whose inhabitants worship the sun as their deity, it uses Fire based technology for its mechanical systems and is held together by a special type of brick.
  • Gate of Cyclones - These giant gates are so large that a road of glass was built across them, it is unknown what is on the other side.

Spacial Knight (Purple)

Dimensional Rift
  • Eternal Abyss - A dark and eerie dungeon, this abyss is filled with unseeable foes due to the darkness that eclipses the surrounding land.
  • Mysterious Planetoids - The bizarre floating bodies of dirt and rock mysteriously float above a gaping chasm. Crossing them is no easy task as each planetoid has its own internal biome.
  • Dimensional Rift - This tear in space-time has surprisingly left the planet unscathed, however foul creatures from another dimension have seeped through and now cause havoc for the surrounding area. No one knows what lies in the other dimension.

Steam Knight (Orange)

Steam Smelters
  • Boiling River - This once bountiful river, quickly dried up due to the extreme heat of the nearby environment, it now houses intense steam jets and even occasionally lava pools.
  • Scorched Dam - Another result of the harsh environment of the area. This dam once supplied enormous amounts of power to the nearby settlements however after the water dried up, it fell into disrepair and has led to the ruin of many lives.
  • Steam Smelters - Some unknown force has kept this Smelter working despite no apparent energy source, it exerts extreme levels of heat and water into the atmosphere making it storm boiling water.

Rage Knight (Red)

Madness Castle
  • Furious Trench - This trench was once the origin point for a century long war, due to a vengeful general who was consumed by his anger over the death of his brother.
  • Enraged Canyon - A Canyon formed from the hatred between two armies, its jagged edges each represent every soldier, they have been counted.
  • Madness Castle - This castle once held an insane king who was abandoned by his servants due to him declaring war on the sand of the nearby desert, some assume he was just really bored.

X Knight & Y Knight (White, Red & Blue)

  • Swapping Hills
  • Duo Passage
  • Binary Cavern

Volcanic Knight (Yellow & Red)

  • Lava Lake
  • Pyroclastic Mine
  • Volcanic Pools

Magnetic Knight (Red, Grey & Blue)

  • Charged Facility
  • Magnetized Fortress
  • Polar Monument

Plasma Knight (Light Blue)

  • Laser Towers
  • Electronic Outpost
  • Plasma Power Plant

Duck Knight (Yellow)

  • Duck Valley
  • Feathered Forest
  • Chateau Le Duck

The Fog

  • Eastern Gate
  • Western Gate
  • Shadowy Castle
  • Blackheart Monastery

Jewel Locations

  • Mortar Mountain - Artillery Knight
  • Toxin River - Vile Knight
  • Fluffy Tower - Weather Knight
  • Solar Giant - Spacial Knight
  • Steamy Banks - Steam Knight
  • Repressed Guardpost - Rage Knight
  • Partner Meadow - X Knight & Y Knight
  • Magma Cave - Volcanic Knight
  • Positive Dome - Magnetic Knight
  • Energy Well - Plasma Knight

Other Locations

  • Leafy Village
  • Troupple River
  • Sandy Village
  • Sky Catapult
  • Rocky Town
  • Ciffside Town


Like the first game there are many enemies that appear throughout the various levels that Shovel Knight must surpass the enemies below include several that appeared in the first game such as the Red Beetle, Various Coloured Warriors & Shadow Ninjas. (Note: Enemies in Italics are Mini-Bosses)

Insect/Arachnid Enemies

  • Beetles
    • Red Beetle
    • Green Beetle
    • Big Red Beetle
    • Dung Beetle
    • Blue Rhino Beetle
    • Iron Rhino Beetle
Bugs Fuck you
  • Fly/Bees
    • Charging Fly
    • Charging Bee
    • Bee Diver
    • Bee Warrior
    • Golden Bee Warrior
  • Spiders
    • Slashing Spider
    • Bomber Tarantula
    • Rocky Huntsman
    • Furious Red-Back
  • Lobsters
    • Venemous Lobster
    • Sandy Lobster
  • Hornet
    • Fiery Hornet
  • Crabs
    • Pyro Crab
    • Fireball Crab

Invertabrate Enemies

  • Slugs
    • Green Slug
    • Blue Slug
    • Plasma Slug
  • Octopus/Squids
    • Leaping Octopus
    • Giant One-Eyed Space Squid
    • Electronic Octopus

Gaseous Enemies

  • Smogs
    • Yellow Smog
    • Purple Smog
    • Black Smog
    • Smog Demon
    • Red Smog
    • Green Smog
  • Clouds
    • Iron Rain Cloud
    • Steel Rain Cloud
    • Stormcloud
    • Hailcloud
    • Snowcloud
    • Blizzard Stormcloud
    • Plasmacloud

Plant Enemies

  • Roses
    • Purple Rose Warrior
    • Red Rose Warrior
    • Yellow Rose Warrior
    • Deadly Rose Queen
  • Flytraps
    • Moon Flytrap
    • Terra Flytrap
    • Zeus Flytrap
  • Ents
    • Blue Ent
    • Red Ent
    • Electro Barb Plant
  • Frangipanis
    • Shining Frangipani

Reptilian Enemies

  • Snakes
    • Green Snake
    • Brown Snake
  • Komodo Dragons
    • Black Komodo Dragon
    • Red Komodo Dragon
    • Giant Burrowing Purple Komodo Dragon
  • Giant Dragons
    • Y Dragon's Arm
    • R Dragon's Arm
    • G Dragon's Arm
    • W Dragon's Arm
    • Y Dragon's Tail
    • R Dragon's Tail
    • G Dragon's Tail
    • W Dragon's Tail
    • Y Dragon's Mouth
    • R Dragon's Mouth
    • G Dragon's Mouth
    • W Dragon's Mouth
  • Wyverns
    • Blue Wyvern
    • Red Wyvern
    • Purple Wyvern
  • Regular Dragons
    • Sleeping Yellow Dragon
    • Furious Red Dragon
    • Cunning Green Dragon
    • Camoflauged White Dragon
  • Lizards
    • Light Frill-Neck
    • Shadow Thorny Devil
  • Hydras
    • Dual Hydra

Duck Enemies

  • Ducks
    • Common Duck
    • Iron Duck
    • Lance Duck
    • Sword Duck
    • Warhammer Duck
    • Archer Duck
  • Duck Artillery
    • Duck-A-Pult
    • Duck Gunner
    • Trojan Duck
    • Duck Tower
    • Duck Fortress
  • Duck Magickas
    • Duck Mage
    • Dark Duck Mage
    • Fiery Duck Mage

Mammalian Enemies

  • Moles
    • Burrowing Mole
    • Lava Mole
  • Wolves
    • Ice Wolf
    • Shadow Wolf
  • Bears
    • Laser Bear
  • Mooses
    • Fire Breathing Moose
  • Cats
    • Space Cat
  • Rats
    • Planetary Rat
    • Burning Rat
    • Frosty Rat
    • Rat Knight
    • Rat King
  • Goats
    • Electro Goat
  • Donkeys
    • Plasma Donkey
  • Horses
    • Shining Horse
  • Rhinos
    • Plasma Rhino

Humanoid Enemies

  • Warriors
    • Gold Warrior
    • Anchor Warrior
    • Green Warrior
    • Red Warrior
    • Blue Warrior
    • Grey Warrior
    • Welder Warrior
    • Smoldering Warrior
    • Astronautical Warrior
    • Deep Space Warrior
    • Dash Warrior
    • Crush Warrior
    • Lava Warrior
    • Electro Warrior
  • Ninjas
    • Red Blade Ninja
    • Purple Blade Ninja
    • Green Bow Ninja
    • White Bow Ninja
    • Blue Mage Ninja
  • Miners
    • Coal Miner
    • Iron Miner
    • Golden Miner
  • Golems
    • Iron Golem
    • Stone Golem
    • Diamond Golem
  • Shades
    • Shovel Shadow
  • Archers
    • Pyroclastic Archer
  • Mages
    • White Fire Mage
    • Blue Fire Mage
    • Plasma Mage Master

Inanimate Enemies

  • Statues
    • Fire Breathing Dragon Statue
    • Fireball Dragon Statue
    • Ice Breathing Dragon Statue
  • Nature
    • Whirlwind
    • Sandstorm
    • Steam Jet
    • Pressure Steam Jet
    • Black Hole
  • Sentient
    • Mischievious Lamp

Robotic Enemies

  • Cannon Guard
  • Cannon Master
  • Mortar Giant
  • Sniper Bush
  • Blue Turret Defence System
  • Gold Turret Defence System
  • Hornet Gunner
  • Hunting Sun
  • Swooping Sun
  • Welding Robot
  • Cooling Robot
  • Iron Lifter
  • Ludicrous Speed RV
  • Rainbow Laser Gunner
  • Black Hole Gunner
  • Negative Pulse Machine
  • Positive Pulse Machine
  • Magnetic Pulse Machine
  • Magnet Bomber
  • Rubber Cyborg
  • Wooden Cyborg
  • Stone Cyborg
  • Polar Robomatic
  • Lava Pot
  • Fire Dropper
  • Igneous Guardian
  • Lava Bomber
  • Magma Rock Bomber
  • Igneous Blaster
  • Flaming Giant

Underwater Living Enemies

  • Eels
    • Green Eel
    • Yellow Eel
  • Crabs
    • Red Crab
    • Grey Crab
  • Seaweed
    • Plasma Seaweed
  • Jellyfish
    • Angry Jellyfish
    • Electro Jellyfish
  • Leviathan
    • Maniacal Leviathan

Knights of the New Order

The Knights of the New Order are the 13 bosses of the game (excluding the final boss) and are part of a new pack of Knights how want to rule over the land without competition hence they lock down nearby villages from permitting Shovel Knight into the Villages until they are defeated.

Artillery Knight

Once an honorable man of the Royal Army, Artillery Knight is an expert with explosives and defensive weaponry. He surgically had a Bazooka and Machine Gun attached to his arms which weigh him down however increased his firepower to inconcievable levels. Artillery Knight joined the New Order in hopes to form his own secret army however after he realised the power of the other Knights he realised he would be unable to.

Serpentine Knight

Serpentine Knight had lived most of his life in the mountains of the Dragons and became a master soaring with them throug the sky. He is able to call upon his giant friends in his time of need and has also been passed down the magical powers of the Dragons including conjuring Fire and Air Dashes. Serpentine Knight joined the New Order to introduce other people to Dragons and hope to bring about a world where Dragons and Humans live in sync with each other, this plan did not go well with some of the more Land-Dwelling members of the New Order.

Vile Knight

This swamp dwelling Knight is the one the others prefer not to be around. No one knows whether Vile Knight is Man, Woman, Animal or Machine but one thing is for certain, Vile Knight emits... an odour. In its Swamp Vile Knight has been seen tranquil and peaceful sometimes meditating among birds and trees, Vile Knight even welcomes others to join it in meditation, however a very different side of Vile Knight is seen when Vile Knight is out of its swamp. A monster, a relentless beast of absolute carnage who uses their power of the Swamp to control any battle it faces.

Weather Knight

Weather Knight has lived in the harshest environments allowing him to predict the weather which he has used in battle to his advantage, his shield posesses magical powers allowing him to change the weather with a simple spin, he also holds a mighty Season Sword which can cast magical attacks that vary with whichever season he attacks with. Weather Knight joined the New Order in hopes of becoming a the ruler of the weather, when he realised that he would also get to rule over land as well he was elated. His power of the weather makes any foe have to think quickly as it can go from Sunny to Snowy when battling him in a matter of seconds.

Steam Knight

Steam Knight is a quiet member of the New Order, one of the founding members, Steam Knight wanted to stop people from entering his secretive territory where he would build massive machines that ran on Steam Power. He is a master of the hot gas and is able to release huge blasts of Steam with his Arm Cannon and has a powerful welding lance that he can use in close combat. He is one of the largest members of the New Order and has been known to be very resistant to damage at times.

Spacial Knight

This mysterious being of unkown origin descended to the New Order with proclemations of success and victory. Spacial Knight has inter-dimensional powers and is able to summon mysterious tentacles capable of tearing open space creating worm holes. Some other New Order members have expressed concern for Spacial Knight's abilities as they believe that it may destroy the universe however after one rather dull Monday where Spacial Knight opened up over 500 Wormholes the suspicions were dropped.

Rage Knight

While Rage Knight's short temper can sometimes get the better of him, he is a vicious fighter through and through and can utilize his Rage to power through tough battles and sometimes even store Rage until it becomes a physical manifestation firing it like a projectile. Rage Knight joined the New Order to take revenge on those who had wronged him, since then he still keeps a checklist of the people he has to find and beat in battle, including a few other members of the New Order, however he has been told that if he tries to fight them he will be kicked out.

X Knight

X Knight and Y Knight are twins who grew up in a distant land where civalry and honour were the law. They are noble fighters who both strive to surpass the other. X Knight has trained in becoming a fast striker and excellent at stabbing techniques, she often tries to convince Y Knight to race her knowing that she will win. She joined the New Order with Y Knight believing it would be able to provide support to the land they lived in however after falling to the temptation of power she and her brother became ruthless tyrants.

Y Knight

X Knight and Y Knight are twins who grew up in a distant land where civalry and honour were the law. They are noble fighters who both strive to surpass the other. Y Knight has become an expert in powerful blows and with his Warhammer is able to crush foes that try to combat him or his sister, he has an anger issue which isn't helped by his sister's mischevious personality. He joined the New Order with Y Knight believing it would be able to provide support to the land they lived in however after falling to the temptation of power he and his sister became ruthless tyrants.

Magnetic Knight

If a Knight is defined by their weapon then Magnetic Knight should be the ultimate romancer, however this frigid fighter is more than meets the eye. His Magnet Staff is capable of pulling in enemies to be crushed by the Iron Ball he carries in his left arm. He is strong and smart, able to use the Iron Ball in unison with his Magnet Staff to conquer many foes. Magnetic Knight joined the New Order after being shunned by other Knights for his non-conventional weaponry however as other Knights have proven, a Sword is not always the best weapon.

Volcanic Knight

Volcanic Knight has always lived with fire, growing up she lived on the side of a Volcano and discovered an ancient temple which held her, now famous Lava Blade, a powerful blade capable of summoning liquid rock from beneath the earth. She is also able to use Fire Magic to fend off attackers if she becomes seperated from her Lava Blade. She joined the New Order to expand the land allowing her to increase her powers of Volcanic abilities.

Plasma Knight

Plasma Knight is a bit of a self-lover when it comes to opinions about him. He is one of the founding members of the New Order and is often regarded as one of the most dangerous. His quick movements and lightning reflexes make it hard to hit him and his Plasma Scimitar can launch forth bolts of Lightning and waves of electricity. He can sometimes get distracted by himself and has been known to flex and look in a mirror during battle.

Duck Knight

Despite her rather comical name, Duck Knight is the leader of the New Order being known for her quick reflexes and insane speed. She lives with Ducks, a lot of ducks and all of them are armoured just like her. She seems to have more tricks up her sleeve than you would think a Duck-Themed Knight would posess and her fierce battling skills helped her become one of the founding members of the New Order.


Like in Shovel Knight the player is able to upgrade their armour to different types of armour with different combat capabilities. The list of Armour Types is below.

Armour Name Image Effect
Shovel Knight
Aqua Knight

+ Shovel Knight can swim in water

- Shovel Knight slides on land

Electro Knight

+ Shovel Knight releases a wave of electricity when he performs a downward strike

- Shovel Knight takes double damage from Electrical based enemies

Frozen Knight

+ Shovel Knight does not slide on Ice

- Fire Enemies take twice as many hits to defeat

Inferno Knight

+ Shovel Knight can walk on Fire without taking damage

- Shovel Knight moves at half speed when in water

Love Knight

+ Shovel Knight will recover 1/2 heart for every 3 enemies killed

- Shovel Knight has 1 less heart

Mental Knight

+ Shovel Knight can create a temporary platform (requires to be charged after each use)

- Shovel Knight jumps at 80% normal height

Nature Knight

+ Shovel Knight can stand on spikes for 2 seconds

- Shovel Knight takes double damage from Fire and Ice Enemies

Venom Knight

+ When performing a regular attack Shovel Knight shoots a small projectile

- Bosses take twice as many hits to defeat


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Nintendo DLC

The game recieved a DLC available for purchase which introduced nine Nintendo characters as bosses, it uses a similar map to the main game however the locations for Serpentine Knight, Spacial Knight & Magnetic Knights levels are removed. The nine Nintendo characters are: Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, Kirby, Samus, Marth, Fox & Captain Falcon.

Luigi & Kirby are the first two bosses; Luigi replaces Artillery Knight while Kirby replaces Vile Knight and are named L Knight & Vacuum Knight repsectively. Fox, Samus & Captain Falcon are the second set of bosses; Captain Falcon replaces Rage Knight, Samus replaces Weather Knight & Fox replaces Steam Knight and are named Falcon Knight, Hunter Knight & Arwing Knight respectively.

Donkey Kong, Marth & Link make up the third set of bosses; Donkey Kong replaces X Knight & Y Knight, Link replaces Volcanic Knight & Marth replaces Plasma Knight and are named Ape Knight, Sword Knight & Hero-King Knight repsectively. Lastly Mario replaces Duck Knight and is named Plumber Knight. Most enemies from the main game appear again with the major exception being the Duck enemies due to the removal of Duck Knight.