Shovel Knight 2 is a game for the Nintendo Master. It is the sequel to Shovel Knight.

Ye old story of Shovel Knight

5 months after Shovel Knight saved Shield Knight another threat came. The Order of No Quarter has returned. Some have returned, like Treasure Knight and Propeller Knight, but there are new ones, like Medic Knight and Night Knight. It's odd that old members are returning even though they joined Shovel Knight's side! It's up to Shovel Knight and Black Knight to defeat the OONQ!


Clone Knight: An experiment from Plague Knight gone wrong! Clone Knight fights like Shovel Knight so this fight is tough, especially for the first boss. You fight him in Past Blaster, a factory that clones loads of things for the OONQ.

Music Knight: Originally a musician, he strangely joined the OONQ. He can create forcefields out of sound, blast you with music notes and he can produce a shockwave that you don't wanna come into contact with. You fight him at Concert of Concerns, a music concert full of angry people that attack you with loads of different types of instruments.

Medic Knight: A doctor who went insane after he accidentally killed his father with the wrong syringe. He is a very annoying knight, because he has regenerating powers and it just won't stop! He can also throw weird things at you like lungs, brains and a poster of eye infections. You fight him in New New York, a city where you must go past the criminals to get to.the hospital to fight him.

??? Knight: Who's this guy? Shovel Knight doesn't know. He thinks he works for the OONQ because he uses moves that the previous knights used. He also casts spells on you, like reversed controls, upside down screens and even body-swapping with previous knights! You fight him at... Ruins of Tower of Fate?!