Shovel Knight
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Shovel Knight, the hero of spades.
Universe Shovel Knight
Previous Smash Appearances Newcomer
Availability Starter
Final Smash Catch Her!

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Shovel Knight makes a surprise appearance as one of the first newcomers revealed in Super Smash Bros. Crusade. Originally from Yacht Club Game's first title, Shovel Knight, the titular character holds the title for being the first ever character from an independent developer to be playable in Super Smash Bros. Shovel Knight fights with plenty of relics in his hand to be a rather balanced fighter with a mix of projectiles and powerful melee attacks.


Shovel Knight fights very similar to the way that you would expect him to, based on the physics of Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight is a rather bulky fighter thanks to all of the armor he wears, being able to withstand many attacks. He's definitely not the fastest fighter, but boasts some rather high jumps for someone his size.

Shovel Knight's shovel is certainly more than what meets the eye. The Shovel Blade looks like a regular old gardening tool, but in reality is a masterful tool that takes a lot of skill to make the most of it. It hits very hard on its own, but moves very slow and isn't a weapon built around comboing. The steel blade is so powerful that it can actually reflect projectiles when they are attacked.


Standard Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Attack Dig Up Shovel Knight uses his shovel to dig into the ground and raise it back up. A very low-positioned neutral attack. 6%
Forward Tilt Shovel Blade Shovel Knight swipes his shovel forward like a sword. 10%
Up Tilt Justice Poke Shovel Knight thrusts his shovel in the air. 9%
Down Tilt Shovel Thrust Shovel Knight thrusts his shovel into the ground in front of him. Can bury opponents. 8%
Dash Attack Charge Slash The Shovel Blade glows a blue color as Shovel Knight swings it in front of him. 14%
Forward Smash Ghost Gloves Shovel Knight throws a punch forward, unleashing a ghostly glove. The punch does more damage than the glove. 13%, 22% (charged), 5% (glove)
Up Smash War Horn Shovel Knight blows through the War Horn, creating an upwards shockwave. 15%, 25% (charged)
Down Smash Flare Razer Shovel Knight stabs his shovel into the ground, creating a column of flames around him. 14%, 24% (charged)
Neutral Aerial Ornate Swing Swings his shovel around in a flip manuever. 10%
Forward Aerial Burrow Bomber Shovel Knight jumps forward with his shovel extended forward. 1-2% (hits 1-5)
Back Aerial Backstab Shovel Knight stabs the blade of his shovel behind him. 12%
Up Aerial Skyward Shovel Shovel Knight thrusts his shovel diagonally upwards. 7%
Down Aerial Shovel Drop A strong attack where Shovel Knight can pogo off of opponents similar to Link. Also breaks shields quickly. 13%
Grab N/A Shovel Knight attempts to grab an opponent. N/A
Pummel Hilt Shovel Knight slams the hilt of the shovel into the opponent. 3%
Forward Throw Shovel Slammer Shovel Knight whacks the opponent with the blade of the shovel like a bat. 9%
Back Throw Dig Through Scoops the opponent in the Shovel Blade and throws them back. 6%
Up Throw Throw and Blade Throws the opponent upwards by juggling them with the Shovel Blade. 8%
Down Throw Drop Trap Pins opponent to the floor and spears them from above with the shovel. 11%
Floor Attack Earth Shatter Gets up and digs into the ground, spouting rocks on both sides. 8%
Trip Attack Shovel Sweep Shovel Knight gets up and sweeps the Shovel Blade in a sideways arc around him. 10%
Edge Attack Shock Shovel Shovel Knight digs into the ground and gets up, creating a small travelling shockwave. 8%, 4% (shock)

Special Moves

Move Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Chaos Orb Shovel Knight throws a Chaos Orb forward. It has a long lifespan and hits mulitple times, allowing for massive combo potential. 6%
Custom Special 1 Buzzsaw Boomerang Shovel Knight throws an Buzzsaw Boomerang traveling in an upwards circle before returning to Shovel Knight. Has a different arc if used in the air. 5%
Custom Special 2 Flare Wand Shovel Knight casts the Flare Wand which creates a powerful fire blast travel straight through the air. Hold it to use the Flareo Wand, which is a powerful close-range attack 8% (Flare), 18% (Flareo)
Side Special Propeller Dagger Dash forward for a bit with the Propellor Dagger, bouncing back a bit if you hit someone. 9%
Custom Special 1 Dust Knuckles Move a much shorter distance but with more power. A great shield-breaking move. 12%
Custom Special 2 Infinidagger Infinidaggers are much more powerful than before, but will not stop unless you hit something. High risk, high reward. 13%
Up Special Bomb Burst Shovel Knight rises in the air with a Rising Dagger. Powerful, but not effective for horizontal recovery. 3% (hits 1-4)
Custom Special 1 Tow Anchor  Shovel Knight jumps forward with the Tow Anchor, before crashing downwards. 4% (ascent), 8% (descent)
Custom Special 2 Bomb Burst Burst forward with explosive power. Decent recovery but hard to oontrol. 10%
Down Special Ichor of Renewal A counter move that, if successful, drains the power of an opposing attack and heals Shovel Knight by the amount instead, with a mininum of 3%. Recovers less after each successful use. N/A
Custom Special 1 Stat Ichors Drink an Ichor of Boldness, Ichor of Renewal, or Fleet Flask to increase defense, power, or speed for a short duration at a cost of other stats.  N/A
Custom Special 2 Shadow Knight Control a Shadow Knight that mimics your every move from a distance away, at the cost of Shovel Knight's moves being much weaker. Shadow Knight can last for up to 7 seconds at a time, with a 10 second recharge period. N/A
Final Smash Catch Her! Shovel Knight looks up as it is shown that Shield Knight is falling. The background of the stage is changed to white and time is slowed down for the opponents, as Shovel Knight can attack them. When Shield Knight falls, Shovel Knight can catch her to deal additional damage before the Final Smash wears off. 40%


  • Up: Spins his shovel blade around and thrusts it into the air, looking up.
  • Right: Shovel Knight hits the blade of his shovel into the ground twice while making a pose.
  • Left: Holds up a gem as the Item Jingle theme from Shovel Knight plays.
  • Down: Kneels down and plays dead, before flipping back up.

On-Screen Appearance

Shovel Knight flips from off-screen on to the stage and thrusts his shovel up as the words "Shovel Justice" appear.

Select Sound

A few notes from Shovel Knight's title theme begin to play.

Victory Poses

  • Shovel Knight digs through a dirt pile, finding a bunch of jewels.
  • Shovel Knight bounces off of Shield Knight's large shield as he poses with her.
  • Shovel Knight drops from the sky comically, proceeding to rapidly duck over and over; a reference to Shovel Knight's "dance" in the original game.

Losing Pose

Shovel Knight is shown clapping towards the winner.

Idle Poses

  • Holds his shovel to his forehead, looking around.
  • Holds his shovel in a defensive pose.

Victory Fanfare

An arrangement of the Level Clear theme from Shovel Knight. (0:00 - 0:08)



Yacht Club's very own Shovel Knight joins the battle! Though his blade looks like a plant fanatic's weapon of choice, the Shovel Blade is a mysteriously powerful weapon. Shovel Knight also has a ton of collected relics at his disposal, turning him into a fearsome knight with tons of approach options.


Shovel Knight's Ichor can give him different stat boosts. They're pretty small and don't last long, but it's still noticable! It takes some time for the Troupple King's magic to refill the ichors, so if you use them again too soon, don't expect to get the full effects. They're best saved for a crisis or key moment!


Shovel Knight's Propellor Dagger sends him soaring in whatever direction you want, and is great for chasing down foes. The Dust Knuckles are not nearly as good as speeding after opponents, but they will certainly stop nearly anything in their tracks. Perhaps you can catch someone off guard by letting them pass you, and then striking!

Battle Spire

Shovel Knight has been haunted with the nightmare of losing his Shield Knight forever - but that doesn't stop him! In this dramatic scene, everyone except for the knight is slowed down, allowing Shovel Knight to deal some extra damage. Then, chase after Shield Knight and catch her for a huge attack - nothing goes together like shield and, shovel!

Pallete Swaps

Reveal Trailer - Uncanny Blades

A flashing light is seen in the middle of the screen as it grows brighter and the edges extend to form the Smash logo. The screen then flashes to white and begins the trailer.

The screen shows snippets of different veterans in Smash Bros. in their 8-bit debuts - games like Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Kirby's Adventure, and Metroid are all shown off. They eventually all meet up together and are transformed into their current, Smash Bros. forms. They look around to see where they are, and notice the dark night sky, with two shooting stars, one red, and one blue.

The red shooting star is shown falling down, while the blue one slowly drops behind it, attempting to catch up. Mario and the others continue to look on. Eventually, a red hand is seen trying to reach out for the blue meteor, who also has a hand out. After some time, they finally grab each other as a brilliant light flashes and the others are pushed back. The light eventually clears to reveal sprites of Shovel Knight and Shield Knight, who step forward and transform into their new 3D models.

Shovel Knight is shown flipping up onto a grassy stage, and quickly runs off. He's shown taking most of Mario's attacks with ease and reflecting with a Chaos Orb and a Shovel Drop. Samus attempts to fire a Charge Shot at him but it is quickly reflected, and Kirby simply attempts to shield but has his guard broken by a Shovel Drop.

Shovel Knight is shown alongside Shield Knight, hinting towards her being an assist trophy or stage hazard. She manages to block an attack for Shovel Knight, who runs in and follows up with a Propellor Dagger attack. 3 different Shovel Knights are then shown drinking ichor, each one gaining different effects. The trailer ends showing Shovel Knight jumping up and catching Shield Knight, which triggers a bright flash that reveals the Super Smash Bros. Crusade logo.