Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight Smash5
Series Shovel Knight
Recent Game U Shovel Knight
Availability Starter
Final Smash Shield Knight Combo

Shovel Knight stars as a newcomer in Super Smash Bros 5. Shovel Knight is a third party character owned by Yacht Club Games. His appearance has been completely redesigned just for this game. Shovel Knight uses some of his many relics from his game for special moves and wields his shovel blade as a weapon.


Attack Description Attack Description
Standard Jab Takes two swings with his shovel in front of him. Side Tilt Performs a strong horizontal swing with his shovel.
Up Tilt Swing his shovel in an upward arc. Down Tilt Jabs his shovel in front of him while he crouches.
Dash Attack Swings his shovel in front of him while running. Neutral Air Does a mid air kick.
Forward Air Thrusts his shovel forward. Back Air Thrusts his shovel backward.
Up Air Thrusts his shovel upward while in the air. Down Air Plummets to the ground shovel first. This move is straight from his game.
Side Smash Performs a powerful swing with his shovel. Up Smash Thrusts his shovel upward.
Down Smash Performs a spin attack with his shovel along the ground.
Move Name Description Custom Move
Neutral Special Ground Spark Shovel Knight hits the ground with his shovel creating a spark which travels along the ground which damages opponents. Grounding Spark – Creates a spark which does less damage but makes opponents get stuck in the ground when hit by it.
Side Special Dust Knuckles Shovel Knight puts on his dust knuckles and performs a punch as he moves forward. If the button is pressed again at the end of the punch he will perform another one. This can be continued infinitely. Stone Knuckles – Perform one very powerful punch. The move cannot be continued and has a longer start up.
Up Special Propeller Dagger Shovel Knight uses his propeller dagger in order to propel upward or sideward depending on what direction is held. The dagger can damage opponents aswell. Cyclone Dagger – Instead of damaging opponents the dagger creates a cyclone which blows enemies away.
Down Special Dig Shovel digs in the ground with his shovel and a random gem will fly out and hit opponents. Blue gems do little damage, green do medium and red do lots of damage. If used on an opponent they will be flung into the air but will take no damage. Super Dig - Three random gems will fly out however the move takes longer to startup.
Final Smash Shield Knight Combo Shield Knight appears and teams up with Shovel Knight. She performs multiple swipes with her shield as Shovel Knight attacks with his shovel. At the end of the move they perform a finishing blow with high launch power, and Shield Knight disappears.