Shovel Knight: The Shield Wieldress
Created by Cyborg Ranger
Developer(s) Yacht Club Games, Cyborg Studios
Publisher(s) Yacht Club Games
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Nintendo 3DS

Wii U



PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

PlayStation Vita

Xbox One

Amazon Fire TV

Release Date(s)
July 30 201X
Singleplayer, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
7age OFLC PG
Genre(s) Action, platform
Series Shovel Knight
Media Included None
Storage Needed 300 MB space available
Cost 15$ (game)

Free (DLC)

Shovel Knight: The Shield Wieldress is a DLC pack of the game Shovel Knight which features Shield Knight, multiplayer mode for the Shield Knight campaign, and new feats from the Shield Knight campaign. It can be considered as a prequel.


The Enchantress has sent massive havoc with her (old) Order of No Quarter. She plans on taking over theentire kingdom and have all the fortune in her hands. Shield Knight, along with Shovel Knight, will nowtry to defeat the Enchantress before it's too late.

Old Order of No Quarter

The old order of no quarter is, as its name states, is the old version of the Order of No Quarter. They are somewhat different than their old counterpart, and can do more tricks 

The Order

Name Image Replaces Found
Emperor Knight King Knight Pridemoor Keep
Wizard Knight Specter Knight The Lich Yard
Acid Knight Plague Knight The Explodatorium
Merman Knight Treasure Knight Iron Whale
Demon Knight Mole Knight Lost City
Cyborg Knight Tinker Knight Clockwork Tower
Tundra Knight
Polar Knight Stranded Ship
Wind Knight Propeller Knight Flying Machine

Shield Knight

Shield Knight can block incoming projectiles and melee attacks with her large shield. With her smaller shield she can melee attack enemies for half the damage as Shovel Knight. She has Shovel Knight by her side for main offense and for combo attacks. 


Multiplayer can be accsessed by entering a certain code or by beating Plague of Shadows. In this mode, you can play as Shield Knight or Shovel Knight depending onn your choice. There will be multiplayer-exclusivr areas solely made for cooperation.

Please note that this is a WIP and I will continue on this every now and then. Thank you for your patience :^ )