Shovel Knight: Strength in Spades is an upcoming sequel to the popular indie game Shovel Knight, and, unlike Plague of Shadows, it is actually a sequel rather then downloadable additional content. It takes place two years after the original game, and follows Shovel Knight and Shield Knight's adventure to defeat Black Knight once more after he captures the original Knight's Order of No Quarter, and makes a new league called The Eight Shades to defeat Shovel Knight once and for all. It features a new multiplayer feature where Shovel Knight AND Shield Knight to go on the adventure to fight with each other to complete the adventure. The game is set for a 2017 release for the PS3, Xbox One, PC, Steam, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U.


Unlike the previous game, this game takes part in five parts (seven counting the aftergame.)

Prologue: The Eight Spades

It's been a long two years since the events of The Enchantress' wrath, and Shovel Knight and Shield Knight have been traveling across the land, in search of treasure, facing tough dungeons and enemies, and, mostly, trying to find the Knight's Order of No Quarter and see what happened to them. There hasn't been any sign of Black Knight, or really anyone else- except for Plague Knight, working as the new owner of a new Magic shop in the Armor Outpost. The others, however, are nowhere to be found. However, one day...

Shovel Knight and Shield Knight are continuing the search for the other Quarter members, and decide to stop and rest in a dungeon. They manage to find a dazzling treasure chest while there, and the two decide to open it; not knowing it's a trap. Not only is the chest empty (to the anger of Shovel Knight, mind you!), but the door shuts and traps them inside! An apparition of Shovel Knight's worst enemy appears right before them- Black Knight! He reveals that he has given Shovel Knight and Shield Knight a new challenge; to defeat his new league of warriors, the Eight Spades. Revealing he captured the former Knight's Order of No Quarter (with the exception of Plague Knight), he tells the two that they must travel through a series of dungeons made to replicate eight areas to match his new comrades, spread throughout the land. If they can defeat the Eight Spades, then they can save the Order, and take on Black Knight themselves, to see if they can finally take him down, once and for all. He releases the two, and the dungeons-from all over the sprawling land-open, one by one, for the two to take them on. The question is, how powerful are these eight new warriors?

Act 1: Strength in Shovelry

Act 2: Old Faces, New Traces

Act 3: Bound by Earth

Act 4: Tower of Spirits

Act 5: The Puppetmaster

Act X: Spadeless Warrior

Act Y: King of Electricity


Playable Characters

Shovel Knight
Shield Knight


The Eight Spades


This game now features a total of 20 relics, a step up from before. 8 of these relics are obtainable by purchasing them from the Knight's Order of No Quarter after rescuing each member. 8 of them are able to found in-levels, or can be purchased from Chester after beating a specific level. 2 of them can be found in optional levels (or can be bought from Chester after beating the optional levels). The final two are Ichor spaces, which can be filled up by speaking to the Troupple King.




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