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Short Fuse
TV Series The Super Koopaling Channel
Season Number 1
Episode Number 2
Writer(s) Ghostracer

Fandro Marx422

Airing Date(s)
January 3, 2018
Basic Plot
CrashDroider abuses Pyotr I. Koopa after getting angry to make him harm his siblings.
Basic Moral
Never abuse someome and never get angry when losing a video game cause that makes it even worse.
Runtime 28 min.
Preceding Episode Roy Goof
Following Episode Crash Mort

Short Fuse is the second episode of The Super Koopaling Channel.


Pyotr I. is playing Minecraft on his room but loses the game after being killed by a Skeleton, and he gets mad. Wait a bit, he doesn't got mad, but FURIOUS. He goes completely haywire about his loss in the game. CrashDroider was nearby and heard him screaming (so hard that the windows burst). He goes to Pyotr I. (who is chasing Risen Koopa with a chicken on his head) and launches a sleeping dart in his shoulder. Pyotr I. notices CrashDroider but gets dizzy until everything gets black... When he wakes up, he's lying on a pillow in CrashDroider's lair ! CrashDroider tells him that he must not calm but keep insane and destruct everything in his vinicity except CrashDroider himself. Pyotr I. immediately jumps up in a tantrum and completely smashes CrashDroider's Tripod Invader Security Mechas (shortly TISM) and beats them up ! He races to Koopa Castle and tells he will stalk and liquidate all his siblings and knocks Alex Ember unconscious with a maul (and we don't mean Darth Maul) ! Pyotr I. continues his rampage until Ellen calms him with chamomile syrup (much to CrashDroider's dismay). CrashDroider is sealed from Dark Land by Lavora after this. Then Pyotr I. plays Minecraft once more but he gets killed by a Wither Skeleton and he gets angry again.


  • Pyotr I.
  • Risen
  • Ellen
  • Lavora
  • CrashDroider
  • TISM (Tripod Invader Security Mechas)


  • The about-sledge used by Pyotr is actually the same sledge-hammer used by Amy Rose from the Sonic series.