Shop Keeper keeps the battle alive with weirdness! Tomodachi Life is a weird and wacky game fulled with tons of akward moments that just make you say "What the heck?!?!". So, that's how Shop Keeper is too! Shop Keeper can use many of the silly and odd things found in the game, all at his disposle! Where in the world does he keep all of this stuff?!?!


  • B: Pixilated Item: A screen will pop up and it will have a pixilated item from Smash Bros! Three bubbles will have 3 different items, one of which is correct. If someone attacks the incorrect one, Shop Keeper gets that item. If they attack the right answer,Shop Keeper will get sad and put a basket out with a piece of food, making the attack risk V.S. reward. You can't use this move again for 15 sec. If the item is a mushroom, Shop Keeper give out the affect or take in the affect, depening on if it's a good or negative affect.
  • Side B: Goods Use: Shop Keeper will pull out one of 4 goods from Tomodachi Life, each of which will function differently!
  • Up B: Super All-Time Favorite Food Blast-Off!: Shopkeeper will eat it's favorite food (pancakes) and will start to lift off with you having control on the way the player moves, until you run out of fuel!
  • Down B: Song: shopkeeper will start singing a short verison of one of the songs in Tomodachi life, and anyone near him will get damaged!
  • Final Smash: Dream: Any player close in front of Shop Keeper will fall asleep and will be tucked into bed, before Shop Keeper draws a cat on your face that will keep scratching at you until you wake up and the cat goes away after 10 sec.

Side B Goods

Chance: 4/10

  • Fan: Place a fan that will blow your opponents away!

Chance: 2/10

  • Frying Pan: Takes out a frying pan and flings 1-5 pieces of food at himself, healing him.

Chance: 1/10

  • Hyptnotyser: Takes out a hyptnotyser that if anyone in front, will become sleepy and Shop Keeper will clash two symbols together into the fighters, launching them!

Chance: 3/10

  • Swing: You get on the swing and you swing you're wiimote or you keep hiting left and right and jump off to get a longer jump.

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