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Shooting Star
Developer(s) Hammers R Us Inc.
Console Type Home Console
Subtype(s) N/A
Backward Compatibility N/A
Forward Compatibility  ??? (possibly a console called Falling Star or Starlight X)

Shooting Star is a new game console created by Hammers R Us Inc., it is the first home console that will be releaseed in 2013, just after the Nintendo Wii U.


Main Description

The Shooting Star is a new home console released in 2013, the console itself provides lots of new features, which will be shown in the Features section. The gameplay is high quality, colourful and vibrant. The games itself are in 3D. Their are lots of funs ways to interact aswell as being able to take the StarPad around with you and being able to collect other peoples information that you meet in the street, these people will get a notification and you will be able to add them to play against in games. The launch title Firefly Carnival is the first game to prove the high quality of the games, this game is a virtual theme park that your Tiny Me can visit a fun filled theme park and try rides which will be in first person mode.

Console Description

The console is a small rectangluar shape which has a few buttons on it, the console comes in lots of different colours that tend to be colourful and in a colour scheme. The Power Button is located on the very top-left hand side of the console and only needs to be touched. There are also a few other buttons located on the right side which are in a row together. All these buttons do not really matter except the power one as you can say Open and it will open the game disk tray for you and Close which will then close it. The console is light and easy to carry which is great for taking to others homes if they're having a party, this and the controllers and wires will fit into a little case which comes in the package of the console and it will fit all of it in.


3D Graphics

The graphics on the screen is in 3D and they are bright, colourful, vibrant and most importantly detailed and high quality, the 3D effect can be tweaked to suit yourself and not strain your eyes.

Star Fall Carnival

This is a sort of new featue but it is an application. It is where people around the world who are online come, seperated in regions of where they live, here people will be able to see new news, talk and sometimes a person who is working on a game's TinyMe will appear and will allow for players to ask questions. Another new thing is where there is a SuperStar of the week in every region who has earned lots of achievements, played lots of games or has just been nice to users and help them out with games.

2 Screen Capabilities

Being as the StarPad is used aswell as controllers in some games, you can use both screens to do one thing. For example if playing the game where getting the ball into the right area without falling off the platform, the StarPad would be used to tilt the ball and you could see the ball tilting on the big screen, alot of selection screens and game setup appears on the StarPad.

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