Feel free to use this character in your games as long as you give me, ApsBooProductions, credit.

Sup gramps? -Shonen to Luigi in Super Mario: The Chronicles

Shonen is Zack's best friend in the upcoming ApsBooProductions series games. His debut acctually came before Zack's in the fanfiction, Super Mario: The Chronicles.

Physical Appearance

Shonen wears a lime-green shirt with white sleeves. Shonen also has dirty blonde or brown hair. He wears gray shorts and black shoes with his socks showing, and orange eyes. Along with Zack, Shonen has the ability to control fire.


Shonen acts like a jerk alot if he's talking to a person that doesn't know him well, but if you get to know him, most of the time he's pretty nice. He does have a bad temper and can be really mean if he's in a bad mood.

Appearances in Media

Super Mario: The Chronicles

Shonen makes an appearance in the fanfic as one of the many contestants in the Tournament. So far in the fanfic, he has gotten off on the wrong foot with Bowser, insulting him and even knocking him unconcious. The same goes with Luigi, calling him old and being rude to him.


In Quest, Shonen is one of the main characters along with Zack that try to stop Vuudax from destroying the world.


  • Shonen translates in Japanese as boy.

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