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Shoehorn is a species found in the fourth installment of Little Big Doodleland. They are shown to be tall, lanky, men, who have seashells for eyes and mouths. They wear strange steam-punk styled suits, with golden brass buttons and silk black ties. They also have four robotic limbs, just as skinny as their arms. Their arms reach farther than their waist and their feet make their height 7 feet. They are supposedly henchmen for Lord Caliber.

They are also renown alchemists, and are able to change stone to silver or gold, as well as use magic and science together seamlessly.


They were evolved from water elves, and created the Assist Pearl after finding the blueprint for the Summoner Orb, although they were cursed by the gods and became alchemists after fiddling around with the Assist Pearl and other magic objects.


When Shoehorns die, they become negatives of themselves, their faces are removed, although they can still talk. They have a semi physical connection and can walk right through walls. Negatives can still die and once Negatives die they turn into ashes, which can be reborn as a new Shoehorn.

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