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Shoe Beam

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Shoe Beam
Shoe Beam
Shoe Beam
Item Type Gun
Kind of Item Handheld
First Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Latest Appearance Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo

The Shoe Beam is an FBG in Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo. It is found in Grass Town.


The Shoe Beam is a small gun with a thin handle. Beams are fired using the small shoe. Most of the gun is green, and there is a white shoelace dangling down from the back.


The Shoe Beam fires rays that create a shoe at anywhere it hits.


Name Description Effect Damage Gift Points
Shoet The user shoots a ray at one of their feet, removing any foot FBG that is there. The user's SPD is increased by 5. 0 20


  • This FBG's only move, Shoet, is a portmanteau of the words "shoe" and "shoot".

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