Shock (Game) is the first game in the series of the same name. It was announced E3 2015 and released July 14th the same year.


Soar is a lonely and orphaned Chibi Duck, his father being killed at when Soar was very young. His mother was kidnapped by a evil man, (While, Soar presumed he was a man) named Sharp. Soar, one day at the orphanage, was adopted by a strange dog named Barker, and his house was surprisingly high class. Soar decides to djust to the healthier habitat, but soon learns Barker and his father were close friends. Curious, Soar decides to look into Barker's history. He figures out Barker and Quack, his father, were the heroes of Cloudius, a cloud shaped world that was being attacked by Runtus Spike. Soar immediantly figures out that Sharp is a Spike, and tries to dig even further. The young duck figures out where Sharp now lives, and prepares to go after the evil black menace with Barker's gift to him, a butler.


Though most things remain the same to Barker and Quack's style, their are some new features, such as Splitscreen and a much more 3D look. It also has much less limits, allowing players to exlpore more.




Soar is the son of Quack and the main hero of the game. Soar has the ability to fly, and also has a wide arsenal. Soar is much stronger then other Chibi Ducks his age, having increased Strength and Speed, being the hero of not just Cloudius, but the Warrior of the Universe.

Sir Chip

Soar's loyal butler, Chip, is a Chipmunk, and uses a wide range of transforming cleaning weapons. He cannot fly unless he has gained the Butler Cape. He uses his Vacuum Shotgun as his primary weapon, and has great power and wisdom, being called the sidekick of the hero of the universe, which somewhat annoys the rodent.


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