Saga of the White Witch: Episode 1 is a Japanese-only Horror RPG game developed and published by Scarce Gaming for the AtHome on February 16, 1991. It focuses on The White Witch, an evil witch who has turned The Promised Land into a frozen nightmare.

Main Characters


  • Natsu - A rebel who decides to fight against The White Witch. He wields a Kunai named Kyoto.
  • Yumi - A samurai who joins Natsu to bring The Promised Land to peace. She wields a Yugote (shooting sleeve) named Doku.


  • The White Witch - The dictator of The Promised Land, who has given the land of Canaan permanent Winter in return for being granted leadership of it.
  • Fuyu - The White Witch's partner in crime. Has a cybernetic arm.

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