Shirodon is a legendary dragon thief known as the "Succotash Dragon of Light". He was serve as a version mascot of Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic! White Succotash Twilight Version.

Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic!

Shirodon appears in the White Sucootash Version of Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic! as a final boss. He first appears as a chibified dragon form similar to Landia. After being defeated, he turns into his Perfect Forme and Kirby and his friends started to chase him through the galaxy. After defeating him, Shirodon surrenders him and the succotash recipe was recovered.


  • Shirodon bears a resemblance Pokémon Reshiram while his Perfect Form resembles Kyurem's White Forme.
  • Shirodon, long with Kurodon, makes a cameo appearance in the anime series Kirby: He Comes Back!.

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