Shiny Sea is the aquatic fifth world of  Super Mario World 5 \ New Super Mario Bros. 5. This world is located around the Donut Plains area. The boss of this world is Giant Cheep-Cheep. The map is on a tropical almost-island with pipes that take you into the sea. This world contains four levels (without secret levels and Toad Houses).


  • Among Coral
  • In the Sunken Ship (Haunted level)
  • In the Seabed
  • Switch Palace (only of the game, activates special blocks)
  • A Big Fish on the Horizon!!! (boss level)

Another world

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Grassy PlainRocky MountainDeep PitHigh BridgeShiny SeaGreat TreeGloomy MineMagic RainbowBackground2-42
About this image

Grassy plain:Top left of Donut plain

Rocky mountain:Cookie Mountain 

Deep pit:Vanilla Dome

High bridge:Cheese bridge

Shiny sea:Under soda lake 

Great tree:Forest of illusion

Gloomy mine:three islands behind Forest of illusion

Magic Rainbow:Top corner left of the map

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