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The Shiny Blooper is a playable character in Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y.. It has yellow water and an item in Mario Kart 5: Toads of Town. He has a teliscope on his head.


Shiny Blooper

Shiny Blooper.

Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y.

Shiny Bloopers first appear in Super Mario Galaxy D.I.Y. as a playable unlockable character. His ability is to throw yellow paint on the enemies.

Mario Kart 5: Toads of Town

Appears as an item.


  • Although none of the Shiny Bloopers have good abilities, they don't have jumps, but the Shiny Bloopers fly higher than any other Blooper else.
  • Shiny Bloopers will make a cameo appearance in Oh no, Mario!.

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