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Full Name Shinigami
Current Age 23
Date of Birth 39 BLW
Gender Female
Species Fox
Location Corneria
Align good
Current Status Alive
Star Fox
Team Star
Family and Relations
Karai ( senpai)
Falco Lombardi (boyfriend)
Ability/ies Not yet
Sexuality straight
First Appearance Star Fox :nightmare
Latest Appearance (Not yet)

shinigami is the newest member of the team which however she is Karai apprentices and best friend and The former love interest of Falco


Shinigami was born in the same home planet along with Karai and Nikita as she grew up because she became friends with them along with Fox and Falco along with the rest of the Star Fox team which results of her having a romance relationship with Falco which presumes they did to have a so-called sexual partnership after a month at the her best friend Karai left under suspicious of her working with star wolf the rival of Starfox however she betrayed andrew the whole entire time that she became Partnerships with them as well however her and her team managed to fight against our wolf however after graduation she along with her teen suggested that they go their own separate ways but decided to keep them in touch.

Lylat warsEdit

As a few years went by she and her team went on their own missions with their own General until she and her team gotten a messages from Nikita's General as they've spotted star wolf who was fighting against Nikki before they can kill her team star arrived to stop the invasion as they find Nicki the beat up and moved it pretty badly Shinigami ask her why was she fighting against star Wolf by herself without no backup she tells you that everyone has been killed by her evil duplicate Azumi an evil copy version of herself shocking to tell Shinigami that Falco has been Slaughter by her upset and crying that her boyfriend has been temporary killed.

As she and her team managed to go into the training room to get Nikita back into shape actor showing her full power after being provoked by her other teammate she called her down to tell her that violence is not the answer.


Shinigami is a strong independent female Who doesn't back down on anything who cares very much about her friends however she hates arguments of her teammates having but showed to have other situations and solutions to handle the problem Shinigami can be so what flirtatious towards Falco and could be so much playful to him Never Back Down without a fight.