The Shine Emperor is an Ancient Arceus who is the true ruler of the PokeMutant World, and the sensei of Renan and his friends.


Not much is known about the Shine Emperor, but he depicted to be a serious and wise ruler by the Gold Master. According to the Gold Master, once he was betrayed, he gets very angry, and would never forgive the betrayer by punishing them, since he punished Lucifer for his disobedience and his impulsive actions.


The Shine Emperor appeared during the war between many Pokemon in the PokMutant World and stopped it, restoring the peace of the world. He then created two holy Dragonites, the Gold Master and Lucifer. The Gold Master and Lucifer then worked together to keep the peace of the world. The peace was short-lived, however, because of Lucifer, who thought that the Shine Emperor's rule was too strict, decided to help the poor Pokemon complete the work of a statue. Instead many Pokemon demanded him to undo the work, but the Shine Emperor quieten them by striking them with lightning. As a result, the Shine Emperor got extremely angry at Lucifer's implusive actions and disobedience, banished him to hell, turning him into the Shadow Lord. He also punished him by taking away half of his power, and his ability to fly. Horrified by his punishment, the Shadow Lord swore revenge, and attempted to kill the Shine Emperor and the Gold Master by going on a great rampage, attempting to burn the whole world. During his rampage, he burned the mysterious Shine Tower, which was importance for the Pokemon's praying. The Shine Emperor then created eight major spirits, gave it to the Gold Master in order to stop the Shadow Lord's rampage and terror. After the Shadow Lord was defeated, the Shine Emperor created two new gods, Dragonlestia and Cherubnite. Dragonlestia, Cherubnite and the Gold Master then form the Holy Dragonites.


Renan: the Shining Light

The Shine Emperor's first appearance. He explains to Renan and his friends that he once stopped the war between Pokemon, and he was the one responsible for creating the two Dragonites, until Lucifer betrayed him and turned evil. Suddenly, the Shine Emperor was attacked by Dr. Mewtwo, who is trying to destroy him, demands Renan for help. With the help of Renan, the Shine Emperor easily defeated Dr. Mewtwo, causing him to retreat back to his planet.

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