Current Age 42
Date of Birth June 6th
Gender Male
Species Cyborg
Location Unknown
Align Chaotic Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Hepatitis "A" Cannon
Vulnerable To Water
Ethnicity American
Height 6'07"
Weight 357 lbs
Project Escherich "Shiga" is a Zaxinian cyborg dwelling transformable cyborg designed around the usage of "foodborne diseases". Designed by Nightshade as an experiment to combat enemies in an intelligent way via spreading diseases and mass destruction, Shiga has since developed into an actual being with a free will, now working in collaboration with the Resistance to ensure justice is served correctly. Compared to fellow experiments of Nightshade's, he is very stable and has significant advantages with his abilities, but also isn't particularly safe to be around due to the lethal nature of his weapons.


Shiga is cool, collected, and very chill, chill enough to beat anyone else at being chill. He tends to joke around a lot, and never exactly takes battles seriously, even when he's in the most dire of situations. Even though he's shown to be very capable of aiding in combat, Shiga is incredibly lazy and doesn't like to move off the couch or do any particular work. In fact, Shiga's the type that would rather throw birthday parties, or take care of kids for a week. This strange personality was birthed from his granted sentience from Nightshade, who didn't wish to build someone who could very easily take out their master. Shiga only gets around to working when he feels like it or when it's absolutely necessary. Another reason owning up to his laziness is the fact that he seldom likes killing anyone, and refuses to kill anyone that doesn't have a terrible reputation on their hands.


Shiga has a wide array of abilities on hand. The first is the ability to transform his body into different states for different types of terrain, able to morph to soar the skies, hover over seas, or roll along on the road. Using his different forms, he can easily traverse most places in the Zaxinian Lifts. In his vehicular transformations, he can add seats to his own back so that people that travel with him can effectively use him as a transportation device of sorts; however, he is not a taxi and only heads to wherever he needs to go.

His weapon, the Hepatitis "A" Cannon, allows him to shoot thin beams of light to infect those with the actual Hepatitis A disease. While it will not kill, it will cause fatigue, fever, diarrhea, and the like, with symptoms lasting from a month up to six months. He can also switch his weapon mode to "E. coli" type, which would allow him to lie bombs which explode and spread Escherichia coli O157:H7 to those around. The case of this e. coli is more severe than the origin disease, and can sometimes do enough damage to kill. The weapon can switch to various other food-borne diseases, including salmonella. The intent of the disease inflecting is to wear down enemies so that they're more vulnerable to more powerful threats. Shiga can kill, however, if he concentrates on one person and drains enough of the disease into them to overwhelm them. He is not known for actually wanting to do any actual killing himself, so cases of this are rare.



  • Shiga's name comes from the Shiga toxin that is excreted from certain types of escherichia coli, such as O157:H7.

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