3x Versions

Initial 3 (Version 3.0)

SHiFT Online v3.0

"Initial 3" is the first version of the 3x line of SHiFT updates. After the short-lived 2x line ended with the last generation of NextGen Solo game systems, this version is specially designed for the Nextablet and Bluevolt S/X systems. It brings back all the original features of SHiFT Online, plus a rehauled UI and a new function especially for Nextablets: the new SHiFT Online interface can now be used as the primary operating system, as shown being used in the image with the battery information and the clock.

Update "Superchange" (Version 3.1)

SHiFT 3.1

"Superchange" is the first update to the Intial 3 infrastructure. It includes a redone Title Bar, the return of the Topbar (albeit changed from its last appearance), the addition of the Account Bar, an updated custom background feature that will not hinder the readability of pagespace elements, and an updated Library page with separate pages for movies and non-game applications. The News Feed has once again been removed, now the latest news appears at the top of the Community page. Company Page Buttons have also been removed.

2x Versions

Initial 2 (Version 2.0)


"Initial 2" is the first version of the 2x line of SHiFT updates. It comes with a radically redone interface, now pushing all the different pages besides "Items", "Shop", and the formerly-titled "Friends" page,"People" into a dropdown menu that appears when highlighted over the new SHiFT logo in the corner. The News Feed has been omitted for 2.0, but rumor has it it could be intergrated in the next update.

1x Versions

Initial Release (Version 1.0)

SHiFT window

The very first release of the SHiFT service (titled "Initial") was heavily modeled after Valve's Steam service for digital distribution. This version was made for the NextGen NinTablet, and so porting the UI over to the Bluevolt proved to be a hassle, and afterwards, an update immediately began production, one that would be able to run identically on both systems.

Update "Snychronize" (Version 1.1)

SHiFT 1.1

"Synchronize" is the first update to the SHiFT service. The name summarizes its two biggest changes to the service: the option to sync SHiFT updates and other notifications to appear in your Gmail or pop up on Google Chrome via Google Sync, and the fact that the UI of Synchronize is identical and appears in its HD resolution on both the NinTablet and the Bluevolt, something the first UI did not do (the Bluevolt port was not in HD.) Synchronize also adds a clock, arrows to switch between headlines at your pace (the auto switching is still present), a relocation of some of Initial's features (such as the NextGen Solo SHiFT page box), a revamped color scheme, the combination of the Welcome and Account Settings boxes, and more buttons on the resized Topbar.

Update "Metro" (Version 1.3)

SHiFT 1.3

After scrapping Update 1.2, a slightly modified version of Update Synchronize, NextGen Solo decided to release the next update, this one, as 1.3, making the new order of updates ".1, .3, .0". The name Metro summarizes its interface change to a significantly simpler design based off of the Windows Metro style. Because Update Metro does not add any new features, the update is completely optional and you can switch between Synchronize and Metro's UI if you update.

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