Shiera's Appearance
Full Name Shiera the Ancient
Current Age 572
Gender Undetermined
Species Trilobite
Align True Neutral
Current Status Alive
Shiera is a Trilobite who was captured by the LPF, while Shiera's gender has never been identified paleontologists have identified Shiera's Species, approximate age at arrest and a potential reason for arrest. Not much is known about Shiera and no one knows Shiera's personality.


Shiera has been estimated to be a Long-Tail Trilobite with a Spherical Torso. Evidence suggests that Shiera had three horns or spikes protruding from the front of Shiera's head, it is possible that the centre spike is actually a Probiscis.


Very little is known about Shiera aside from the arrest and fossil records. According to findings, Shiera survived in an Ancient Ocean on a Burnt Planet, most likely when the planet was habitable. Shiera is estimated to have been possibly the first individual ever arrested by the LPF, the crime in accordance with Data Memory Samples from broken LPF guards is for multiple accounts of extinction, with at least 85,000 Species tallied against Shiera. It is likely that these Species were part of Shiera's prey.