Shield is an action game by Omegaverse Corp. for the Nintendo VR's VRWare. It revolves around a giant, intelligent shield protecting a large castle from destruction.


No plot is actually present - however, what can be assumed is that the previously mentioned giant shield's castle is under attack by small little crawling hands of different variety, and that he must use his several psychic powers to keep them away. Eventually, at round 100, the leader of the hands attacks the castle personally, requiring the shield to use all of it's power to protect the innocent fortress. Once it is defeated, the castle raises flags of happiness and the civilians come out and dance.


The gameplay has you playing as the shield's many psychic abilities, attempting to use their powers to keep the angry hands away from the castle. Different actions are unlocked or bought as the game goes on, giving you more powers. These powers vary from raising one arm to strike lightning, or jumping in the air to cause an earthquake.


  • Fire Gun
    • Nod Head
    • Unlocked At Start
  • Summon Ninja Novice
    • Perform Kick
    • Reach Round 3
  • Summon Ninja Novice+
    • Perform Doublekick
    • Reach Round 6
  • Fire Cannon
    • Shake Head
    • Reach Round 10
  • Firework Spark Blast
    • Low Punch
    • Reach Roud 17
  • Lightning
    • Raise Arm
    • Reach Round 25
  • Summon Giant Punching Hand
    • Middle Punch
    • Reach Round 39
  • Meteor Storm
    • High Punch
    • Reach Round 45
  • Meteor Storm+
    • Straight-Up Punch
    • Reach Round 51
  • Lightning Storm+
    • Raise Both Arms
    • Buy in Store
  • Summon Master Ninja
    • Perform Triplekick
    • Buy in Store
  • Summon Sidekick
    • Two-Handed Punch
    • Buy in Store
  • Summon Superhero
    • Two-Handed Doublepunch
    • Buy in Store
  • Earthquake
    • Jump
    • Buy in Store
  • Hurricane Swarm
    • Shake Wiimote
    • Buy in Store
  • Black Hole (Final Power)
    • Press Button On Wiimote
    • Complete the Game


  • Crawler Hand
  • Jet-Propelled Hand
  • TNT Hand
  • Hand Ogre
  • Stealth Hand
  • Mid-boss: Master Hand and Crazy Hand
  • Boss: Lord Hand

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