Sheriff Ace
Sheriff Ace
Ace the alligator, sheriff of Velo City.
Full Name Ace
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Velo City
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Blaster
Ability/ies Jumping, dashing, brute strength
First Appearance City Rush

Sheriff Ace (also known as Ace) is a character in the City Rush series. He is an alligator who made his first appearance in City Rush as the rival of Striko. He is the head sheriff of Velo City, and he doesn't like that Striko is called the protector of the city.


Ace is a tall alligator, standing 6'02". He wears gloves and boots, as well as a gray chain necklace aroud his neck. What is most interesting is his red skin.


Ace is demanding and loudspoken. He is quite intimidating, but he is also clumsy. He does not see his rival Striko as a hero to Velo City, but as a threat instead. At the end of the series' first game, he finally admits he has come to respect Striko. After he realizes what he says, he abruptly adds, "But you're still a madman and one day, your reign of terror will end!"

Ace is also very intelligent when it comes to technology. He has built numerous police robats called Copbots. He specially programmed them to fight crime (and especially to fight Striko). Ace also has his own Cop Mobile, which is similar to a Copbot but is very lare and powerful. It also holds a variety of weapons.

Despite not liking Striko, Ace is not evil. He hates evil above everyting else. He will do everyhthing to defeat it.


Ace's early life is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Ace is known to be quite powerful, as he is physically the strongest character in the series. He also has some super speed, a common trait for City Rush characters. Ace also has strong jaw power. He is ale to rip onjects apart with his teeth, and he brags about being able to chew through steel.

Ace is a remarkable engineer, proven by his ability to build numerous crime-fighting robots. He is also a skilled by pilot. This was shown when the White Lord sent dark lasers at Ace while he was in his Copmobile, but he incredibly dogded all of them.

Game Appearances