Full Name Sheldon Stewart-Mars
Occupation(s) General
Ethnicity Human
This is no greater evil then Nia<3's.

Sheldon Stewart-Mars, better known as Nia<3, is an evil mastermind who is in a high rank of command in the Koopa Troop. He is a Beaurocrat of the Dark Land. His is known for twisting the minds of his minions and forcing them into serving him. He is the Mushroom Kingdom's most wanted criminal and is being hunted for everyday by 90 Bragades of the Fugative Justice Federation from every Nation of the Mushroom World. He has approximately 900,000 minions under his own command.

Nia<3's life was normal at first, until he was sued at the Mushroom Kingdom Supreme Court by Goombario for stomping him, when he had been framed by Count Bleck as being the stomper. He wanted revenge on the Court and Count Bleck, but he was stopped everytime he tried. So, he went to Bowser for a position in the Koopa Troop. Nia<3 was accepted, but was instantly promoted to 4 Star General 3nd in Command after he used his new minions that were lended to him to charged right into the Mushroom Kingdom out of the Piranha Rainforest, right past New Ronn Spoac and into the Court Building in the Middle of a Session and assassinated the 5 Judges and held the Subjects hostage of 6 years before they were rescued by Cody Tran.