Beat that!
Sheldon's victory catch phrase

Sheldon Parker
The main protagonists of Mii World
Full Name Sheldon Parker
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Location Mii World
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Tom (Brother) Sabrina (Friend) Philip (best friend) Tod (friend)
Main Weapon(s) Wii Blader
First Appearance Wii World

Sheldon Parker is the main character of Wii World.


Sheldon is always considered a nerd,Sheldon always had friends that were more popular than him and no matter how hard he tried gaining popularity was something Sheldon failed at doing.

Sheldon likes playing video games,mostly because they give him an idea of what the outside world is like and one day he dreams of going to different demensions.

Sheldon is a very kind and gentle person who usually doesn't take action unless its needed.


Sheldon has dark brown hair that looks black,and a dark blue long sleeve T-shirt and black jeans.


  • Originally Sheldon was going to be the most popular kid in Middle School but later was changed to be a wimp.
  • Sheldon matures during the game.