Sheila Piunazj
Sheila, as in Agent RX.
Full Name Sheila Punazj
Current Age 35
Gender Female
Location Badeed
Class Secret Agent
Gardener (When off-duty)
Main Weapon(s) Guns
Ability/ies Martial Arts

Sheila Piunazj, A.K.A. Agent SL is Roxanne's partner of Agent RX, and part of The Agency. Like Roxanne, she wants peace in her homeland Pructor.


Sheila has, like Roxanne, a bad childhood, and comparable to hers. However, her parents are evil and corrupt by themself, unlike Roxanne's parents, who were forced to do crime or pay therefor. In fact, Sheila's father, Pyotr Piunazj, is the vice-president of The Society and the right-hand man and good friend of Xavier Cell. But, Sheila only knew they were committing crimes. Her parents weren't that caring for Sheila: they did anything bad to her that were hurtful, embarrassing, or both. Roxanne felt for her, and became her only friend in the past. Like Roxanne, Sheila has been teased by the school kids that lived in peaceful villages.

Sheila also wants to put an end to the ever-lasting corruptness in Pructor. One day, when they were adults, they stumbled across an organisation who possibly could make their dream come true, the Agency. Sheila held a grudge against her parents, thus being this a great opportunity to pay them back. The duo solved many crimes since then, alone or together, and though Pructor is still corrupt, it decreased. Unfortunately for Sheila, though, she hasn't caught her parents yet, nor the missions she solved involved the two. Sheila is also one of the best agents, and has a crush on Barry Flatfoot.

While not being a secret agent, Sheila is a gardener.


Sheila is somewhat different in comparison to Roxanne. She loves action and cannot sit still for five minutes. She likes her garden clean, being the reason she's gardener when off-duty.

She's also a great shipper, and can directly see a couple and being mostly right. This trait is similar to Stump of the Pusher's Pile games.


Roxanne D'Urre


Colonel Colin Ztic

Professor Daniel Pedd

Pierre Niosas

Barry Flatfoot

Xavier Cell

Mr. Chilli

Bearded Smiley

Game Appearances

Agent RX

Sheila learns from Colonel Colin Ztic that Xavier Cell, the boss of The Society, is the one who made the crime around Pructor, and was the mastermind of every single crime in the same country, including the ones Sheila solved already ages ago. As the mission is mostly given to Roxanne, Sheila can either cooperate her or compete her. Later in the game, she finally learns that her father Pyotr is the vice president of the Society, giving her a greater grudge to her parents and going into a rage when heard.