Sheick as in Teardrop 2: JttS.
Current Age 42
Gender Male
Species / Type Flash
Vulnerable to Fire
Main Ability/ies Electricity, pirate skills.

Sheick is a boss in Teardrop 2: Journey through the Sea. He is a pirate who Teardrop finds in the sea. Thinking he's one of Borealis' soldiers, he attacks Teardrop. He is Rocky's father and seeks to find Borealis and end the freezing problem.

Boss Pattern

At the start of the battle, a ship minigame will pop up. You will need to control your ship in the sea by tilting the Wii Remote, shoot your cannons with a shake and fight Sheick's pirate ship. After doing so, Teardrop and Inferadness will need to battle him together.

He will dash through the screen at quick speed, both in the air and in the floor. Teardrop will have to dodge this by crouching, moving, or changing forms. After a few seconds of dodging, a big thunder will fall into the floor and Sheick will appear. He will shoot thunder beams randomly, and then disappear. Teardrop and Inferadness will need to attack him while he's shooting and dodge his thunders.

Repeat the battle pattern three times.

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