Sheep and the Fox
Developer(s) BabamCircle Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
Japan: October 16, 1998

America: October 21, 1998

Australia: December 2, 1998

Europe: November 18, 1998

Age Rating(s)
Series Sheep and the Fox
Successor Sheep and the Fox 2

Sheep and the Fox was an N64 Game by Fantendo. It focuses around one of the 2 main Characters, Sheep, traveling the Moon and the Sun World and Meets an Hot-Headed Fox.


Sheep is on a Abandoned Farm, just Waiting on the Fence for his owner to come back, Since he hasn't in 10 years. There are other Sheep on the Farm with him. But these Sheep are just Regular Sheep. The Sheep actually NAMED Sheep, is the most intelligent of them all. He knows how to do everything a Human could do, like walk on two feet. One day, Sheep got Curious and Wondered of into the Real World of the Moon World. He Finds a Giant Brick Wall. He finds a Star their that enters him.

He reads the note left there: "If you collect all 4 stars, a Portal will Open up to the Sun World". You go and Collect all 4 Stars, and then a huge rumble happens. A Giant Portal with Symbols on it rises above the Ground. Sheep walks over to it and it Transports him to the Sun World. Here he finds a Jungle with a Jester. The Jester comes up to him and says "Welcome, Friend. Who Might you be?". Sheep just stands their Confused. The Jester says "Well, My Name is Squash. This is the Sun World. I can tell you are from somewhere else.". Sheep Nods his head. The Jester starts explaining the "Customs" of the sun world, which basically means he explains the controls.

The Jester Bounces off into the Distance, leaving Sheep Confused. You play as Sheep and walk through the Forest. You Find a Pond. The Pond is calm and Quiet. Then, a giant Squid Pops out and Sprays Ink on you. Sheep gets mad and Fights back. You start to battle him, and after you defeat him, he coughs up a Fox. The Fox is still breathing, but is wet and fainted. Sheep b rings him to the most nearby house, where he finds a Witch Doctor. He says he will heal him if you pay him 20 sun coins. You don't have that much money, so he kicks you out and you go find some.

After you find some Money, you pay him and for Exchange, He heals the Fox. The Fox slowly wakes up after Sheep takes him out and to the Pond again. He is confused and starts yelling at Sheep. Then he calms Down. He asks Sheep what happened, Sheep draws it out for him. Fox starts Screaming. Fox thanks him, in an angry voice. Then the Jester comes back. The Fox can't see him for some reason, apparently only Sheep can. The Jester explains to Sheep that the Moon and the Sun World is in Danger. An Asteroid is coming to explode them all. Sheep starts Panicking, and The Fox just looks at him weirdly because he doesn't see the Jester There. The Jester Goes Away, and Sheep Draws out whats happening to The Fox, and he starts Freaking Out. The Sheep Slaps him and draws out for him that Himself (Sheep, not the Fox) is the Only one that can Stop it, because He is the Only one who can see the World of Dreams, and it's citizens. He draws out that he can't do it alone, so he asks the Fox to Help Him, because he has sneaking skills. The Fox gets angry at first, but later agrees. He actually introduces himself, which his Name is Fox Wings.


Sheep- Sheep is one of the 2 main protagonist of Sheep and the Fox. He is from the Moon World, and is the most intelligent Sheep in both the Moon World and the Sun World. He goes with Fox (Not to be confused with Fox from Star Fox) on an Adventure to save the World from an Asteroid.

Fox Wings- Fox is the other one of the 2 main protagonist of Sheep and the Fox. He is from the Sun World, and is a Very Short-Tempered Fox. He was saved By Sheep from a Giant Squid, but never thanks him on this. He at first does not want to go save the world from an Asteroid because it was too dangerous, but later Agrees.

Jester- Jester is of Course, a Jester, that helps Sheep and Fox. He is from the World of Dreams. He teaches you the Sun Worlds "customs" (otherwise known as controls). He also helps you on enemy info

King Dreams- King Dreams is the King of the World of Dreams. When Sheep and Fox get there, he gives them the Stone Key which unlocks the Stone Door. He also opens up a Challenge to Sheep and Fox to see if they are Worthy.

Prince Cloud- Prince Cloud is King Dreams' son. He is very Polite and Often Flirts with Fox's sister, Izzy. He is very Rich, and Often throws Party. He is basically Perfect, is kind, and has great respect for Sheep, Fox, and His Father.

Gibble Elf- Gibble Elf is an Elf from the World of Dreams. He gives you Random Presents, that are usually bad, but sometimes gives you good ones if your lucky enough. He is a real Prankster, often found pulling pranks on the Prince.

Cappy- Cappy is the Buisness Man that Works at the Offices of Debby's Business. He is very Boring, so that's why Brian cloned Cappy and sent in to the Clone Beach.

Brian- Brian is the Main Antagonist of Sheep and the Fox. He has sent an Asteroid out to Destroy the Earth. His name was Brain, but people kept misspelling it, so he just changed it.


Moon World

Abandoned Farm

Tutorial: Field

Dead Forest

Deep Cave

Ghost Town

History Plaza

Cursed Garden

Space Central

Space North

Space South

Space East

Space West

The Grand Gate

Sun World

Tutorial: Forest

Lake Lagoon

Cliff Drive

Red Road

Blue Boulevard

Party Palace

Castle Pinata


The Ancient Emblem

The Sun



Spy Mall


World of Dreams




Zombie Attack


Yogurt Pool

3 Gates

Beta Elements

- The 3 Gates were supposed to be: Rainbow, Stone, and Water. Water was changed to Lava for Unknown Reasons.

-The Game was supposed to feature a 4 Player Battle Mode, where you could fight with your friends on an arena. This was changed because it had nothing to do with the Story at All.

-In the Games coding, you can find a Clownfish. This was Likely replaced by the Jester.


  • Cappy's Clone did not appear until the Next game, though it mentions him in the Story, and Brian has some Data of Failed Clones in his office.
  • Sheep's Grandma gives him her special Cabbage, but in the Next Game, she says She will make her Special Casserole for you.
  • Gibble Elf is Listed is the Credits as Gibble the Goblin for unknown reasons
  • In the games coding, you can Find Kirby and Sir Kibble. This was probably leftover from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.