I'm not gonna let you do that..!
Shazam in Justice: Apocalypse


Shazam in Justice: Apocalypse.

Shazam! is a fictional DC character.


Justice: Apocalypse

It was Billy Batson, the boy who could become a superhero by simply yelling, Shazam, that remained a member of the Justice League even after all that has happened. Shazam, however, was still anguished by the losses caused by Darkseid.

Lego Batman 4: Marvel vs. DC

Shazam is a playable character in a crossover game between Lego Batman (hence the title) and Lego Marvel. He is one of the heroes present in the Hall of Justice when it was attacked by Hydra forces led by Professor Zoom, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and Solomon Grundy. His character token is hidden in the level (Hall of Mayhem).