Shawn the Mutant Boy is a series that has Shawn as the main charatcer. In the game a person affected with strange powers secretly lives in a city called Kiotopia. He discoveres weird stuff such as Robot Cops called Perodroids being lead by a weird mysterious person named Gargacore a weird scientist that rules the city of Kiotopia and wants it to become the next generation. Shawn secrelty enters the city and finds out his plans are actually to take over the entire galaxy into a black hole into his own dimension. After this Gargacore sends his Droids to hunt down Shawn and make him normal as everyone else. After almost defeating him Gargacore is revealed to be a mutant like Shawn and tries to bring Shawn on his side. He almost comepletes his plan but is defeated and traps himself.


  • Shawn the Mutant boy
  • Shawn the Mutant boy 2
  • Shawn the Mutant Boy 3
  • Shawns Adventure NES
  • Shawns Adventure SNES

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