Shattered Pieces is the second episode of Fantendo - Alternate Worlds's first season, and the 2nd episode overall. It was written by Exotoro (tbc).


What if The Fan and The Enemy had died at the end of Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered?


Unten's scarf flows in the timeless wind as he looks at a passing piece of glass. He nods and jumps in, arriving on the other side within a mech suit. He looks over to a giant mech suit and waves.

Unten: Hey, Volt and 3.14!

The giant mech waves back. Unten charges forward towards a green and black mecha.

Unten: Rachel.

The green and black mecha faces Unten.

Rachel: What's up, Unten?
Unten: Not much, just getting used to this pane of reality.
Rachel: It's not much, is it?

The two spy another large shard of glass floating in the background. They head over there and jump in, changing into their Fantendo: The Animated Series counterparts.

Rachel: Always kind of dug that robot arm, to be honest.
Unten: Eh, I'm alright with it but I'd rather have two working arms, you know?
Rachel: Right, well...

Rachel looks over to the broken edge of the universe that they're in.

Rachel: Why couldn't we save them? Why are we stuck in this universe that cannot define what it is and what it isn't?
Unten: At least... they reconciled before they died.
Rachel: Was that enough though? Their creations, stuck in a universe without meaning, without definitions except vague, unfinished ones. And where is Clockwarx?

Vague clock sounds fill the air.

Unten: We have to go.
Rachel: Right.

Rachel and Unten jump through another piece of passing glass.

Leah sits at the edge of a broken universe, alone.

Leah: I'm not gonna stop until I find you X-Ray.

She stands up.

Leah: No matter how long it takes, no matter what gets in my way, nothing will stop me. I screwed up, but I can fix it!

Leah smiles for a brief moment before her expression goes back to dreary.

Leah: Oh what's the point? I tried. I tried so hard, I've been looking for what feels like years, every universe, every piece of shattered glass that comes in my way...

Leah starts crying.

Leah: You don't even want me, do you? I get it. I don't like me either. Why won't you ever talk to me? Why?

Suddenly chains envelope the platform she's standing on, dragging her down to the bottom.

Leah: I deserve to be forgotten...

The screen fades to black as Leah crumples into the fetal position.


Unten and Rachel find themselves in some kind of anime universe. They are greeted by Reese.

Reese: Something's going on. A lot of the glass pieces are being taken down by some kind of chains, dragging them down in the Abyssal.
Unten: The Abyssal?
Reese: We wanted a cool name for the bottomless pit.
Unten: Fine, whatever. Where's... the residents of this universe? The Poke Mutants or whatever?
Reese: Gone. Something might have killed them or sent them down into the Abyssal.
Rachel: Chains... it's Clockwarx.
Reese: I thought we killed him after he killed the Fan and the Enemy?
Unten: He won, didn't he? This is... it. This is his universe now.

Clock sounds roar in the air.

Unten: We have to...

Unten watches as a passing piece of glass gets chained and pulled into the Abyssal.

Unten: No, no, no...

Chains wrap around the ground and the screen goes black as Unten, Rachel, and Reese are pulled in the Abyssal, unsure of what's going on.

Volt and 3.14 in the mech suit are dragged down in the abyssal. They stumble about in the infinite dark, trying to generate light to see. Volt generates enough light but quickly turns it off as soon as he sees the corpses of The Fan and The Enemy.

Volt: You see that shit?
3.14: No.
Volt: Ugh...

A giant jade eye opens. In the center of it, a dead Unten floats inside it as it's pupil. It blinks twice, showing Leah and Reese.

Volt: Clockwarx?

The air is filled with rusty laughter. A giant, clockwork hand extends out from the shadows.

Clockwarx: Unten is DEAD. Leah is DEAD. Reese is DEAD. Three.
Volt: You're going after the people that descended you, aren't you?

Horrible laughter fills the air.

Clockwarx: Taking you all down with me. Oh, I'm in so much pain, but I will have relief when you are all DEAD.

A blue apparition of Boare appears floating in front of Clockwarx's jade eye.

Clockwarx: If it isn't Boare.
Boare: You two! You destroy him from the inside. You can access machines. As for me, I'll suplex him to hell and back.

Rusty laughter fills the air again. 3.14 and Volt go inside of Clockwarx and find the core.

Volt: We'll be killing ourselves too if we do this, you realize?
3.14: Do it.

Clockwarx groans as the gears stop turning, finally killing him once and for all. Boare stands in the darkness.

Boare: Is it worth it to be in a world without definitions? Without some kind of lines making them up? Lines that are already broken?

Boare slants his head downwards.

Boare: I don't think so.

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