This page contains a chapter of the "Shattered Pieces: Memory's Requiem" fan fiction written by ACL. Feel free to rate this chapter in the comments of this article.
This chapter is rated "Teen", and may contain themes not suitable for children. Please be advised as you read this fan fiction.
October 21, 2073 // Mario Winters

It happened again today, another snowstorm. Middle of August, and we're getting snow. It does seem like the Earth is really starting to have a problem with us humans. What did we do wrong?
Ethan started up a new company today. Being the big, eco-freak that he is, he created the company to help fix the Earth.
Like that hasn't been tried before.
He told me he wanted to try a different approach then what everyone else had tried back in 2053, when Frozen August happened, but said that it will be a secret until I agree to help him.
It's seriously tempting. I'm curious as to see what his "new approach" is, but at the same time, I'm worried. He has changed a lot throughout the past two years. He's gotten a lot buffer and somewhat more strict.
Fuck. You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat.
His new company - Clockwork Industries - is being advertised as "THE big fix" by the government (i.e. the only people who knows his plan). He's getting millions of dollars from every government, the United Nations of the Western World, the Seven Colonies of Britain, the Oil States and even the long dead government of Zealand.
What has he done?
It's only been a day since he's opened the company, and yet, everyone is speculating.
Someone said he's creating a program to colonize Mars, like they tried in 2034 under the United States president (United States? Man, they were something) Andrew Pasta.
I've also been hearing rumours of him trying to create floating cities encased in bubbles of oxygen. Those people are probably super geeks who watched too many of those old movies, like Star Fight or whatever that old film series by Disney was.
I personally think he's just going to fail at whatever he tries. Everyone else has.
I guess, only time will tell.

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