Sharlamence's regular appearance
Current Age 39
Species 50% Sharpedo

50% Salamence

Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Jaws & Wings
Vulnerable To Electric
Height 2.3m
Weight 182.6kg
First Appearance Pokemon Fusion
 Sharlamence is a Pokemon in Pokemon Fusion. He is a renowned bounty hunter who is known for his viciousness and wit. Being a hybrid of Sharpedo and Salamence, Sharlamence is a very dangerous opponent with razor sharp wings, giant teeth and four powerful claws.


Prior to the events of Pokemon Fusion, Sharlamence was a renowned bounty hunter, feared by many as the most deadly attacker on the planet. His greatest feat was taking down a mammoth Wailswine while others fled.


Pokemon Fusion

Initially, Sharlamence passes off as a gritty bounty hunter who inspires the player while they are an amateur, however as the player begins hunting on the same level as Sharlamence,he will become very determined to stop you from overtaking him, likely due to his superiority complex.


Sharlamence's head is very similar to a Sharpedo's although retains some of Salamence's colour as well as its Six Spikes. It's body is very similar to a Salamence's although has Sharpedo's coloration. Additionally his wings, while mainly Salamence's, include Sharpedo's jagged appearance.


Rarely seen being content, Sharlamence strives to dominate the competition and remain at the top. He is relentless and power hungry and sometimes resorts to sabotage to get his way.


An aggressive fighter, Sharlamence possesses many dangerous moves that make him an adapt opponent.


  • Dragon Claw
  • Aqua Jet
  • Crunch
  • Dragon Dance
  • Fly
  • Slash
  • Hydro Pump
  • Hyper Beam